Rainbow Finger Paint St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Rainbow pot of gold finger paint for St. Patrick's Day

Crafting with Little Lady is one of my favorite things to do.  She is 4 and has enjoyed working alongside me for a couple of years now.  She has her hands in just about every project on this blog.  Although her help is appreciated, I think we both enjoy it more when the project is just for her.  This week we got messy, learned about colors, and made a fun Rainbow Finger Paint St. Patrick’s Day Craft. This is such … read more

Cut Your Cell Phone Bill Not Your Service

Cut your cell phone bill, not your service

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be forking over $160 a month to surf the web on my phone I would probably have laughed.  What a silly waste of money that would be.  Yet here we are, 2015, paying way to much to do just that.  No More!  It’s time to cut this bill in half (or more).  Here is what I am considering and why. Take a look at how to Cut your cell … read more

Social Media Link Party – Google+


Welcome to #SoMe2 SOcial MEdia is all about ENGAGEMENT, and we want to do more than find new followers, we want to grow our engagement! The more we comment, like, and share each other’s posts, the more engaged we become and that makes the SOcial MEdia “algorithms” happy! Each week we will link a different Social Media platform and post from that platform. This week we are growing and engaging with Google+! If you want to GROW your Social Media … read more

Colorful Playroom Gallery Wall


We are lucky enough to have a playroom in our home, a place to keep all the toys and games that come with children.  When we first moved into this home, the playroom was the first room I tackled.  I started with a bookcase and some pops of bright primary colored art on the walls.  This week I added another colorful gallery wall with pictures of the girls and monograms, a Colorful Playroom Gallery Wall. This playroom is one of … read more

8 Lessons to Teach Kids About Money


There are so many lessons that I aspire to teach my children.  Some as simple as sharing, or saying please.  Others more complicated that I hope not to discuss for a couple more years. Learning about money and how it works in our life and in the world is near the top of the “important lessons to teach before adulthood” list.  Generally, my husband and I are laid back parents, but without some planning, opportunities to teach these lessons can … read more