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10 Items to Make and Sell on Etsy

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Are you looking for a way to earn a little extra income with your crafts? Take a look at this list of 10 items to make and sell on Etsy.

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If you are a crafter, chances are you already have the material, tools and skill to make a number of the items on this list. Why not put your knowledge and talent to work and earn some extra cash.

What is Etsy

Etsy logo

Etsy is a global online marketplace focusing on handmade and vintage items. You can set up and run a shop in a no time and Etsy walks you through the best practices and helps you along the way. The best part, you have a built in audience, people shop Etsy looking for unique handmade items.

Many people head to Etsy looking for unique handmade gift items. This list of items you can make and sell focuses heavily on gift ideas.

Where to start

The ultimate list of items to make and sell is very long and the options can be overwhelming. You’ll need to narrow it down. The best place to start is with an inventory of your craft skills. What are you already good at, what skills do you have that most people do not?

Once you have an idea of what skills you excel at, then you can look at products to sell.

hands and paper crafts

When choosing a product to sell, do your research first. Dig through Etsy and see what is already out there, what customers are buying and most importantly what is not out there. Ideally your product can fill a need that is not being met.

Be sure not to copy handmade items that are already out there. Use listings as inspiration and find a way to put your unique spin on them .

acrylic keychains
Photo credit: Amazon

For example, personalized acrylic key chains are really popular right now. How can you make these to fit a niche that is not being served?

  • A personalized pet key chain that can attach to a leash.
  • Add school colors and a name to a key chain for a high school sports player.

Customized Handmade Items

Many handmade items on Etsy can be customized by the customer. Items like personalized wedding invitations, family themed wall art, or bridesmaid gifts. For each of the items on this list, think of ways that you can offer customization and help your product stand out from the rest.

Cricut state shirt with buffalo check vinyl
Custom State Shirt Tutorial

Be sure to watch the video in this post for an in depth look at all 10 items you can make and sell on Etsy.

10 Product Ideas to Make and Sell on Etsy

  1. Jewelry dish. A small dish for jewelry trinkets or keys, These can be made out of wood clay resin or glass. You can use your skills to create the dish from scratch or purchase a blank and customize it for a customer. Try hydro dipping, add a monogram with vinyl or hand paint the dish.
  2. Leather key chain. Purchase a blank leather round key chain or cut them yourself. To these blanks add some personalization with a wood burning tool or iron on vinyl. You can also add to a key chain some charms or a tassel.
  3. Acrylic key chain. Round acrylic key chains can be made into so many fun products. Brush some paint on one side and add a vinyl monogram on the front. Pair this key chain with a custom lanyard or charms. Think of a niche for your key chains like a college or sport in your area.
  4. Wood bottle opener. Buy a blank and add some customization. Stat with a wood blank and add a custom burned or engraved message. Try a wood burning tool or scorch marker and stencil.
  5. Etched glassware. Custom barware makes a wonderful gift. Think about a set of 4 glasses with a custom name or monogram on each one. Or add the name of spirits to the glasses like whiskey, vodka or gin. You can etch these glasses to create a permanent marking and classic look.
  6. Ornaments. For those that celebrate Christmas ornaments are a hot item. Think about items that can be customized like a round fillable globe or wood slice that can burned or etched. People like to collect ornaments each year to commemorate special occasions such as a marriage, birth, new home or accomplishment.
  7. Jewelry. The range of jewelry is massive, and fine jewelry is an art form not easily mastered. However, there are ways to do this product that can be learned. Take a look at metal blanks that can be stamped or etched and added to a necklace or bracelet. Again focusing on a unique niche, you can add a name, zodiac sign, special dates or designs.
  8. Cutting board. Something everyone uses in the kitchen, these are functional and decorative. Cutting boards can be customized with a scorch marker or wood burning tool or even resin on the corners. Add a family name and date to create a housewarming gift.
  9. T-shirts. There are a lot of custom clothing options out there, find a nice that’s not being served. Think about state pride or school spirit, and offer customization. There are so many options to embellish shirts. Iron on vinyl, sublimation, infusible ink, embroidery and more.
  10. Tote bag. Similar to the t-shirt idea, find a niche or group that your product can serve. Knitters may be looking for a bag to take their items on the go. Design and offer a really nice tote bag with a graphic and phrase on the front that speaks to this crafty group.

There are 10 product ideas to get your started selling on Etsy. What would you add?

Are you ready to make and sell on Etsy? Pin and save this post and come back for inspiration.

10 items to make and sell on Etsy

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