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12 Craft Gift Ideas for the Crafty Girl

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Check out this list of craft gift ideas for girls who love to craft.

I love to craft, obviously, but I’ve always loved to draw and paint ever since I was little.  When asked for gift ideas around the holidays I tend to say things like “anything from the craft store” because really I would be smitten with just about anything from the craft store.  

So often people are overwhelmed by all the options and they just don’t know what to get for their creative crafty friends.  I’ve rounded up 12 fabulous gift ideas that any crafty girl would love to receive.

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These 12 gift ideas will impress any crafty girl on your list.  From simple supplies to organizational wonders, you cannot go wrong with these gems.

gift ideas for a crafter

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Just about every crafty girl I know, including myself, LOVES jars.  Any kind of jar will do for a gift, a party, a craft, or an organizer.  These purple mason jars and to die for, I can think of no less than 100 craft projects to do with these jars.

You can also opt for blank tumblers. Think of the possibilities! Resin, glitter, rhinestones, vinyl and so much more.

A pretty notebook is essential. I love to jot down ideas and a beautiful cover and pages keep me inspired. This set of 5 would be a lovely gift for a creative friend.

Pretty patterned paper is great to have on hand, every crafter has some in her stash. This paper pad is on trend with some beautiful colors and patterns.

The Cricut Maker, the gold standard in electronic cutting. This machine has allowed me to take my crafting to the next level. If you are looking for a big-time gift this year, think about this bundle. She will love it, I promise!

Check out all my Cricut crafts here.

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An organizing cart is great for the crafty girl without a craft room. It holds all those little tools and embellishments and rolls up to the table when she’s ready to work.

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Paint, lots and lots of paint. This Decoart Americana paint set comes in a variety of colors and works on so many surfaces, every crafty girl needs basic craft paint on hand.

Of course to go with that paint she needs brushes.

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Clay jewelry is very trendy right now. Help your creative friend jump on this trend with a kit that contains everything she needs to get started.

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Resin is a unique and beautiful material to work with. Set her up with a kit to get started and add her creative flair to anything from jewelry to home decor.

A fun collection of washi tape will help her add to paper crafts and planners. Opt for a set with fun patterns and colors like this one.

A sewing machine like this one is a great starter machine for the crafty girl who wants to start sewing (ahem, me!). Be sure to set her up with some lessons too so she can expand her horizons.

And finally, something pretty for the office. I love metallics and these gold pieces are stunning. I would love to situate these on that craft table above and so would just about any crafty girl out there.

These fabulous gift ideas will make any crafty girl happy, and she’ll probably make you something too!

What will you be getting the crafty girl on your list this year?

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Beth Bishop

Saturday 25th of November 2017

Totally agree with your genius tips.And the images are so colourful. anyway, thank you for your hard work! I have a son and a daughter.Hope it will be working for my sweet daughter.Thanks again!!

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