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DIY 2×4 Furniture Projects

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Building a piece of furniture can be a daunting thought. I mean you can just go to Ikea for tables and such right? But what if I told you that you can build one of these furniture projects with just a 2×4 and some simple tools. Not so daunting now right?

If you have cut wood and used a power drill before then you can tackle any of these projects. You might even learn a new skill or technique along the way. If you’ve never been comfortable with power tools, have no fear, these projects are a great way to get started.

I have rounded up a number of stunning furniture projects that range from simple 2 hour builds to more in depth pieces. Each of these comes with a full tutorial that will walk you through all the steps leaving you confident and ready to create your own furniture.

2x4 furniture projects you can DIY

These furniture projects are part of our monthly At Home DIY challenge. Each month we create something to fit the theme and this month it was build something with a 2×4. I created this simple fall wood sign from scrap wood. Other bloggers stepped it up a notch and created amazing pieces of furniture.

Check out this list and click through to see all of the 2×4 furniture projects.

DIY 2x4 Furniture Projects

Furniture projects ranging from simple to complex using 2x4 boards.

A 2×4 is a basic and inexpensive board. It can be found at any hardware store and is thin enough to cut with a handsaw. I encourage you to try one of these furniture projects and see just how handy you can be!

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2x4 furniture projects

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