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4 Simple Halloween Cocktails to Make at Home

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Turn classic drinks into spooky Halloween cocktails you can make at home. These 4 drink recipes are made with basic ingredients but look a little scary for this fun holiday.

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How to make a Halloween cocktail

There are endless ways to make a good drink. Instead of coming up with a new recipe for Halloween, try one of these classics and add some Halloween accessories to make them spooky.

Halloween bottles

Tweaking a classic means you and your party guests will most likely enjoy them, whereas creating a new drink might not please everyone.

When looking for classics to try out, focus on the color of the ingredients. Deep reds and orange mixers will give your drinks a dark and scary vibe. Something green, like this witches brews, screams Halloween too.

witches brew for Halloween
Green Witches Brew Halloween Cocktail

Once you have the right color drink in mind, it’s time to paly with the presentation to make it a true Halloween drink.

Tips for Presentation

There are a few ways your can use accessories with your cocktail. The first is the glass that the drink is served in. Here area few fun options.

  • Beaker. These glass containers give off mad scientist vibes. Grab a set of these glass beakers to serve up your drinks. It’s also nice that you can use the measurements on the side to mix your drink.
beakers with colorful liquid and smoke
  • Old jar or glass. When serving up a mulled wine or other spooky drink, sometimes a old glass is just what you need. Visit a thrift store and look for thick tinted glass, or wine glasses with elaborate designs.
vintage glasses
  • Halloween themed glass. A shot glass with a skeleton hand, a basic mug with a spooky graphic on the side. These glasses can be found at any store in fall and are usually inexpensive. Pick up a set to keep for your Halloween party.

Once you have the perfect glass chosen for the drink, think about accessories. Skewers for cherries, ice cubes shaped like eye balls and syringes for adding a mixer are all fun ways to add to a drink.

  • Skewers. When adding cherries, olives or other garnishes to a drink, a skewer is a must have. These skulls work great to a spooky touch to a basic glass.
  • Syringe. A medicine cabinet staple, these little tools are a fun way to add a mixer to cocktail. These syringes come in a 60 pack and can be washed and reused.

Here are 4 simple drinks that make delicious Halloween cocktails. Be sure to watch the video for more details on creating these recipes.

Vodka Sunset

This drink gets it’s name from the ombre effect of adding grenadine to orange juice and letting the two liquids blend together in the middle. Grenadine will sit on the bottom of the drink, but you’ll see a little mixing of the colors in the middle.

Vodka Sunset Cocktail for Halloween

To make this drink a Halloween cocktail, first mix the vodka and orange juice in a beaker. Instead of pouring the grenadine down the side of the glass, use a syringe to squeexe it into the drink.

Serve the syringe on the side and let your friends add their own.

Gin and Tonic

A classic drink that anyone can enjoy, just 2 simple ingredients and a squeeze of lime juice are all it takes to make this one.

Halloween gin and tonic

Tonic water is the key ingredient in a gin and tonic. This sparkling drink contains a small amount of quinine, which just so happens to glow under black light. That makes the gin and tonic a really fun party drink.

In a glass combine gin, a squeeze of lime and tonic water. Serve up these drinks in a room with black light and everyone will have a glowing blue cocktail to enjoy.

Dirty Shirley

This drink gets it’s name from the classic Shirley Temple, the sweet non alcoholic drink that dates back to the mid 20th century. Adding a little vodka makes this drink dirty.

Dirty Shirley cocktail for Halloween

Start with a beaker filled with ice then add vodka and grenadine. Top the drink with 7Up, ginger ale, sprite or whatever white soda you prefer. Use a skewer to pop in a few dark red cocktail cherries and this is ready to drink.

To make it even more spooky, try dripping some edible blood, strawberry syrup or grenadine down the side of the glass. Be sure to serve this drink with a napkin if you do.

Orange Cream Shot

This last drink is a simple shot made with 2 ingredients and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Orange cream shot for Halloween

These little shot glasses have a skeleton hand wrapped around them, they can be found at Walmart, Dollar Tree and online and won’t break the bank. Invest in a set to reuse every Halloween.

Pour vodka into each shot glass, then top with orange soda. Add whipped cream and sprinkes to the top of each shot before serving.

There are 4 simple Halloween cocktails that you can make at home and serve to your friends. They are classic drinks with a spooky twist.

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Simple Halloween Cocktails

Which one is your favorite?

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