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4 Ways to Organize Doll Clothes

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If you have American girl or 18 inch dolls at home you no doubt have all the clothes and accessories that come with them.  Today I’m sharing 4 ways to organize doll clothes that will help you and your girls get all the accessories under control.  If you want to see more American girl tips, ideas and DIY’s head over to YouTube and watch the American Girl playlist.  You can also subscribe and be notified everytime a new post is up here on the blog.  

4 ways to organize doll clothes

My girls, 8 and 5, have a few dolls and all kinds of clothes and accessories.  They love to dress their dolls for every occasion and build little cities and locations for their dolls to play in.  We currently have a sports arena with soccer, ice skating and a concession stand all made from a variety of shoe boxes.  As they dress and change their dolls the clothes ends up in piles because they don’t have a way to organize everything.  We played around with different options and found a few that work really well in our home.  

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How to organize doll clothes

Be sure to watch the video for all the details!

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to organizing.  I wanted to find a way to organize doll clothes that my girls could keep up with.  They need to be able to see what they have and easily put it away when they are finished.  Below are 4 ways to organize doll clothes, one or more of these may work for you.  Be sure to watch the video above for more details.

  • Original containers.  This method works well for older girls and girls who are naturally more organized.  This is as simple as keeping each outfit in the box in came in.  You can label the boxes and stack them neatly on a shelf for storage.  The down side to this is that you cannot see what’s inside, so it’s not great for pre-readers.  It also doesn’t work for Our Generation or other brands of doll clothes that don’t come in handy little boxes. 

original boxes to organize ooll clothes

  • Clear containers. This method is similar to storing clothes in original containers, except it works for all brands of doll clothes and lets you see what’s inside each container.  These small Rubbermaid take alongs are inexpensive and are the perfect size to hold an outfit, shoes and accessories.  The larger size container works well for storing a category of clothes like pajamas or pants. 

organize doll clothes in clear containers

  • Jewelry organizer.  A double sided hanging jewelry organizer is a wonderful and easy way to store doll shoes and clothes.  The small clear pockets are perfect for a pair of shoes or an item of clothing.  This method works well for girls of all ages, it’s also a space saver.  This hanging jewelry organizer can be stored in a closet and brought out when you need it, or it can be hung on a wall with a hook.  What I like most about this method is that my girls can easily put everything away, one item per pocket, without worrying about the exact spot they store it.  As long as everything is in a pocket their clothes is picked up and put away for next time.  

organize doll clothes with jewelry organizer

  • Underbed storage with a divider.  This is a space saving method that keeps doll clothes organized by category without taking up too much room.  A basic underbed storage tote could easily turn into a messy bin of doll clothes, but adding a DIY divider allows clothes to be sorted by type or outfit.   

underbed storage for doll clothes

In our home the clear containers and jewelry organizer have been a life saver.  My girls are able to easily clean up and organize doll clothes without my help.  When we first set this up, I worked with them to get a feel for how we would use the containers and jewelry organizer, but now they can sort and change their dolls on their own.  

4 ways to organize doll clothes square

I hope you found these 4 ways to organize doll clothes helpful, be sure to check out these Dollar Tree finds that we use with our dolls. Have any other tips?  Let me know in the comments.

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Dollar tree american girl accessories square

Dollar Tree American Girl Accessories


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