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6 Christmas Wood Slice Ornament Ideas

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Turn a blank wood slice ornament into a personalized piece of art. Find 6 ornaments ideas below that will inspire you to make your own.

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A set of blank wood slices, with pre-drilled holes, is the starting point for all of these projects.

blank wood slice ornaments

These wood slices with pre-drilled holes are very nice, have a smooth surface and each piece is about the same size.

Once you have the blanks, follow the steps for each project to create a personalized ornament. These make lovely gifts or keep them for yourself and hang them on the tree every year.

Be sure to watch the videos for each of these projects and see them come together step by step.

Photo wood slice ornament

This ornament is simple and so sentimental. It’s ideal for Grandparents or anyone who would love a photo of you and your family on their tree.


Start by printing a photo on copy paper and cutting a circle around the part you want to showcase. I used my manual die cutter to cut a perfect 2-inch circle. A large punch or scissors works too.

adding a photo to a wood slice ornament

Brush a thin coat of Mod podge onto the ornament and the back of the photo. Press them together and smooth out any bubbles. Add a second layer of Mod podge to the top to seal the ornament.

wood slice ornament with photo

Wood Burned Ornament

A simple wood-burning tool can be used to add texture and detail to a wood slice. This simple design is a good beginner project that doesn’t require too much skill.


Use a pencil to draw a design on the wood. A design like this with mostly straight lines is a good place to start.

Put a flat tip on the wood-burning tool and turn it on. Press the hot tip onto the wood and follow the pencil drawing. You’ll quickly get a feel for how much pressure you need to apply.

Add a piece of twine and hang it on the tree. No need to seal or do anything to this ornament after the wood-burning is complete.

simple wood burned ornament square

Original Wood burned ornament post

Snowman Ornament

A larger ornament that uses two slices and a few other supplies. This is a fun one to get the kids involved with.


  • 2 wood slices
  • Craft stick
  • White paint
  • White glitter
  • Red ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors

Paint one side of each wood slice white, then add glitter while the paint is still wet. Allow these to dry.

Attach the slices to a craft stick with hot glue so they resemble a stacked snowman. Add a piece of red ribbon between them for a scarf.

You can hang this with twine through a hole in the ornament, or glue a piece of ribbon to the back of the craft stick and hang it that way.

snowman wood slice ornament - creative ramblings - horizontal

Original Snowman ornament post

Wood Slice Ornament with Beads and Name

This design is simple and can be replicated each year in a different color scheme. Add a name and year to this ornament for your tree or as a gift. These ornaments also make great gift tags.


  • Wood slice
  • Gray paint
  • Red paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wood beads
  • Twine
  • Black vinyl – cut with a Cricut

Use Cricut Design Space to cut a name and year from black vinyl.

Paint one side of the ornament gray and allow it to dry fully. Paint 1 bead red and keep the other 2 natural wood.

Weed and transfer the vinyl to the wood ornament. Then loop a piece of twine through the hole and add a few beads in alternating colors.

Wood slice ornament with beads

Wood Slice Reindeer

This cute ornament is a fun project for kids. Gather the supplies and let them design their own reindeer.


  • Wood Slice ornament
  • Twine
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Brown Fuzzy Stick
  • Assorted craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Assorted cardstock
  • Ribbon
wood slice reindeer ornament supplies

Start by painting one side of the wood brown. Let that dry then use paint to add a face; eyes, nose, and mouth.

Cut ears from card stock and glue them to the top. Twist a fuzzy stick into antlers and glue them between the ears. You can add a bow to the reindeer as either a bow tie or to the antlers.

This is something that you can really get creative with, add your own colors and features. If your child created one, write his or her name and the year on the back.

Wood slice reindeer ornament

Original Reindeer ornament post

Glitter Wood Slice ORnament


  • Wood slice ornament
  • Mod podge
  • Silver glitter
  • Iron on vinyl in 3 colors – cut with Cricut
  • EasyPress Mini

This colorful and shiny ornament is another one that can be customized with different colors of glitter and vinyl.

In Cricut Design Space type a name and offset it twice. This will give you 3 layers of vinyl. Cut the layers out of iron-on vinyl and use an EasyPress mini to adhere them, one by one, to the wood.

On the bottom of the ornament, brush on a thin layer of Mod Podge, then sprinkle glitter over the top. Loop twine through the hole to hang it.

Wood slice ornament with glitter

6 ways to turn a blank wood slice into a cute and personalized ornament. Make a few of these for gifts this holiday season. These blanks have almost endless possibilities, find more DIY wood slice ornament ideas here.

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6 wood slice ornaments

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