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100+ After School Snack Recipes and Ideas

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Going back to school means packing backpacks and lunches, learning new schedules and getting up and going every morning. But it doesn’t end there! When school lets out kids are in need of an after school snack to tide them over until dinner or activities.

My own kids come home hungry after school and need something to get them through homework time until dinner. Then there are those days when we need a snack before dance class because dinner will be late.

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I’m always on the look out for new snack ideas, easy snacks that I can make ahead of time or that the kids can prepare on their own.

I reached out to some of my favorite food bloggers and asked them to share some after school snack recipes and ideas. And they did not disappoint!

100 after school snack ideas and recipes

Below you will find 100+ after school snack recipes, and I assure you there is something for everyone in this list. Many of these you can make ahead of time and pack them in cute containers for kids to grab and go.

This list of delicious snacks is broken down into categories

  • Little bites and balls
  • Bars
  • Cookies
  • Dips
  • Fresh fruit and veggie snacks
  • Muffins and bread
  • Baked snack ideas
  • No bake after school snacks

From old stand by easy recipes to new healthy and better for you alternatives. This list has allergy free recipes and snacks that fit every diet.

See something you like? Click through to discover the full recipe.

After School Snack Ideas

100+ After School Snack Ideas

Little Bites and No Bake Balls

Pack good for you ingredients and lots of protein into these bite size snacks that kids will love after school.


Bake a pan of these delicious bars ahead of time and divide them up into individual portions. Kids can grab one after school for the perfect treat. From granola bars to cereal bars to no bake easy snacks, you'll find something your kids will love here.


Sometimes you just need a cookie and a glass of milk after school. Check out these delicious and unique cookie recipes that won't let you down.


Make a batch of one of these dips early in the week and portion it out into individual servings. Kids can grab a container of dip and some fresh fruit or veggies to snack on after school.

Fresh Fruit and Veggie Snacks

Easy to make, good for you and tasty too. Try these recipes and snack ideas made with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Muffins and Bread

Another collection of make ahead snacks. Healthy and yummy options for every taste.

Baked Snack Ideas

A warm snack that can be made ahead of time, or after school. Fresh out of the oven these snacks will be a hit with your kids.

No bake After School Snacks

From trail mix to popsicles, smoothies to fruit snacks you will find a host of easy after school snack recipes here.

What a list of snacks! And they are not just for after school. Use these recipes to inspire new lunch and dinner ideas. Pack these snacks for game day, road trips and family get togethers. You just can’t go wrong with easy ideas like these.

Pin this and refer back when you get into a snack time rut.

100 after school snacks

What is your go to after school snack?

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Sunday 10th of November 2019

I LOVE all these ideas! Should keep me going for months :) Thanks for including my mini banana muffins!

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