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Back to School Hacks to Remove Morning Stress

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Back to School Hacks to Remove Morning Stress

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These first few weeks of school are an adjustment for all of us.  Kids have new teachers, new schools and longer days.  Parents and siblings have new routines and schedules to adjust to as well. All these changes can add a lot of unwanted stress to our lives.  Have no fear, I have a few easy back to school hacks that will help ease the stress. Plus, I’m sharing the most convenient way to shop for everything you need while giving back to organizations that help enrich the lives of children.

Back to school hacks to avoid morning stress

Back to school stress comes in three forms around my house; getting dressed, packing lunch and doing homework.  This year I think we may have it under control.

Check out these three back to school hacks that will help save time and lower your stress level.

1 – Put together a portable homework station.  Grab a pretty box and fill it with age appropriate supplies that your student will need to do homework.  A portable box allows your child to do homework at the table, then easily clear the table for dinner.

Back to school hacks - portable homework station

When shopping for school supplies get ahead of the class with PayPal and take advantage of PayPal’s exclusive offers with select retailers that can make your back to school shopping even more affordable. Visit to see the best ways to save money!  In addition to saving money, with PayPal One Touch, there is no need for back to school shoppers to type in credit card information or re-enter usernames and passwords on every app or website where they pay with PayPal.

2 – Create a pack your own lunch station.  Even Kindergarteners can help with this one.  Make a list of choices your child can take for lunch and sort them into categories; main course, fruit and vegetable, snacks, treats and drinks.  Sort nonperishable options into labeled bins and let your child choose one item from each bin for lunch.

Back to school hack - pack your own lunch station

Back to school hack - lunch station

3 – Pick out school clothes for the week. My daughter struggles with picking out an outfit in the morning, she’s tired and indecisive and it usually leads to tears.  We started picking out her clothes the night before school and it has evolved into a system of bins labeled with each weekday.  She picks out an outfit for each day and puts it in the bin on Sunday.  No more morning struggles, just grab the clothes in the bin and head out the door.

Back to school hack - pick out clothes for the week

When shopping for back to school items I use PayPal wherever I can.  PayPal makes it convenient and easy to get ready for back to school while supporting your favorite causes at the same time with the PayPal Giving Fund using the in-app donation feature.  With the PayPal Giving Fun, 100% of proceeds go to selected partnering charity organizations such as Let Girls LearnYMCA, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  These charities are dedicated to providing access to education and extracurricular enrichment to children.  During the back to school season (August 12-31, 2016) donations made through the PayPal Giving Fund will receive a 1% match from PayPal.  Whether responding to a natural disaster or simply supporting a local cause that’s close to your heart, in-app donations is a quick and secure way to discover and donate to certified charities around the world.  Go to to learn more.

Try these back to school hacks in your home and I guarantee you will have a little less stress in your morning routine.  While you’re at it, pick up some supplies using PayPal and check out the Giving Fund.

Have a great school year, thanks for visiting!

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