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Button Monogram

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Good Monday morning (well afternoon now) friends.  I was busy busy this weekend, the creative juices were flowing!  I decided to work on something new for my daughter’s room.  She’s 2 and I haven’t touched her room since before she was born.  I do love it, its pink and green with touches of brown.

green pink and brown nursery bedroom

This was a 9 month creative journey on its own.  (The tiny little closet on the other side is an organization marvel, but that’s for another day), but I feel like refreshing it.  On to a new piece.  I really want to incorporate gray into her room, maybe even re-paint who knows.  I’ll start small.

So I made this….

button monogram wall hanging

Super cute right?!  I got the idea here, a graphic print that I love.  But wanted to make something with my own 2 hands and use supplies I had on hand.  So here’s what I did.

I started with a 5×7 artists canvas

12×12 piece of patterned paper



Pair of Scissors

Hot Glue Gun


Off we go.  I wrapped my canvas in paper, just like a present.  Then got to work on my design.

20130202_161640 20130202_161651

I played around with the letter shape and button placement on a piece of scrap paper then cut it out and traced it onto the canvas.  I did not trace the whole thing, just the important boundaries, didn’t want pencil marks to show up.

20130202_162151 20130202_162451

Then I started gluing.  I like the layered look and it helps fill in some gaps.

20130202_162921 20130202_163618

When I was satisfied with my design I used a heat gun ( you can use a blow dryer on low) to remove the hot glue strings.  Jut heat it up and gently wipe them away.


Then I attached 2 pieces of ribbon  to the back with hot glue and tied a pretty bow to use as a hanger.


I think I might do a couple of these, maybe try a pink elephant on the same paper.  I feel a new bedroom theme coming together here :)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.