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Choose the Best Cricut Materials for your Project

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Let me help you navigate all the options and choose the best Cricut materials for your next project.

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When creating a project you want to pick the best Cricut materials for the job. There are lots of other brands out there and so many varieties, how do you choose the right one for your specific project?

I’ve covered Cricut materials before and helped break down what each type can do. Today, we’re going more in depth.

cut smart vinyl with Cricut maker 3

Let’s break down a few common projects and I’ll share which materials you should choose that will create a beautiful and lasting creation.

Variety of Cricut materials

Why choose Cricut

First let’s talk about why you should opt for Cricut brand materials over other manufactures when using your Cricut Maker.

These materials are carefully designed to work flawlessly with the Maker and other machines. They go through loads of testing and are safe for their intended uses.

I love that Design Space has pre-calibrated settings for every possible Cricut material available. I don’t have to guess or play around with settings when I’m using genuine Cricut materials.

Here are some common projects and a recommendation of the best Cricut materials to use.

Creating stencils

A popular use for a Cricut machine is creating stencils. I prefer adhesive stencils that I can design myself, or grab premade options from Design Space. These stencils can be used to create wood signs and all kinds of home décor.

The purpose of a good stencil is to help you achieve perfectly crisp lines without any paint bleeding through. To get this effect, always choose Cricut stencil vinyl.

Cricut stencil vinyl

This thin semi-transparent materials sticks beautifully to a flat surface, but peels off nicely without leaving any residue behind. I have used this for all types of wood signs as well as etching glass.

cut stencil vinyl

Embellishing hard surfaces

Surfaces like wood, metal and ceramic require a permanent adhesive vinyl that will hold up to use. Projects like wood or metal signs, ceramic mugs, planters and even car windows need a material that won’t peel off or fade with use.

Cricut vinyl on cup

Adhesive vinyl comes in every color you can image along with specialty types like glow in dark, patterns and metallic varieties.

Cricut permanent vinyl

When making a large project, like an outdoor vertical sign you might want to opt for a smart material. These long rolls of permanent vinyl do not require a mat and can cut up to 12 feet.

Custom clothing

There are many ways to embellish clothing, and even a few different Cricut materials you can use to do so. However, the gold standard is really iron on. It was created to adhere permanently to fabric and holds up really well to repeated washing and wearing.

Cricut iron on

I’ve personally tried a few different brands of iron on and I always come back to Cricut. The color options are endless, plus they offer lots of patterns and textures too. The material is easy to cut and weed and holds up to lots of use.

Some other ways to embellish fabric include infusible ink and fabric paint combined with a stencil. These are just 2 projects I’ve created with those methods, you can learn more by clicking on the photos below.

easy Cricut infusible ink kids shirt
How to Make an Easy Kids Shirt Using Cricut Infusible Ink
How to make a stencil for a t-shirt

Decor and Gifts

I use my Cricut so often for making cards and gifts. I stopped buying cards a long time ago when I found out how quick and easy it is to make my own.

Cricut Joy Card - You Got This

Cricut makes 2 card mats, one for the Joy which makes 1 card at a time and one for the Maker which can cut 4 at a time.

These packs of cards come with the folded cardstock, insert and envelope all in one. There are a few different varieties to check out, you can make some really special and elaborate cards with these blanks.

Cricut cardstock, thick colorful and high quality, is the perfect material for creating gift boxes, banners and other home décor projects.

Take a look at these simple gift boxes that I use to wrap a gift card for teachers.

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How to choose the best Cricut materials for your project

Choosing the right Cricut materials for your project will ensure it comes out perfect and holds up to use. I covered some commonly used materials here, but Cricut has so much more to offer.

Shop their huge selection of materials to find one right for you. Choosing genuine Cricut materials will help you create beautiful projects with ease.

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