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Christ-centered Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Christ-centered Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

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How do you celebrate Easter?  Bunny, Church, or a combination?  I’ve always been fond of a well stocked Easter basket, especially as a kid, but that is just a small part of the larger Easter picture.

With a 3-year-old at home (one who loves church, Sunday school, and Bible stories) I need to make sure I don’t focus too much on the bunny and keep her on the right track.  At the same time, to completely do away with the bunny or Easter basket would come back to bite me when she talks about Easter with her friends.  I don’t want her to be the only kid without a basket of goodies.  Maybe when she gets older, but at 3 she’s going to wonder why she didn’t get any chocolate.

So here’s my compromise.  A small basket with a few items from the dollar section at Target and a fun Christ-centered scavenger hunt to find it.  Once the basket is found we’ll continue our day with church and fellowship.


 Christ centered Easter scavenger hunt

I didn’t use any fancy supplies just some card stock, markers, and stamps.

easter scavenger hunt

Easter morning Little Lady will wake up to this sign on her door.  From there she will find 4 clues. Each card she finds has a question on the front that she has to answer before revealing the clue inside.  I chose 4 questions I know she can answer that put the focus on Jesus and why we are celebrating.

  • What are we celebrating today?
  • Who died on the Cross for us?
  • Where is Jesus now?
  • What will we do to celebrate today?


Each question should provoke a little conversation, especially from a Little Lady who loves to talk and tell you what’s what.

easter scavenger hunt cards

easter scavenger hunt card

I hope to continue this next year and add some complexity to the questions as she grows up.

How do you celebrate Easter?  What combination do you use to help your kids know what this holiday is really all about.

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Printable Easter Basket #SweeterEaster #ad

Printable Easter Basket

A Simple Easter Pie and Coffee Bar #SweetenYourSpring #ad

Easter Pie Bar


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