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How to Make a Coffee Can Planter

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Sometimes I get inspired by the littlest things.  I was scooping the last of the coffee grounds and couldn’t bring myself to recycle the big can they came in.  I wiped it out and set it on a shelf in my craft room.  A few days later I found 3 wood knobs and inspiration struck!  I knew these 2 items together would make a pretty coffee can planter.  I added some shelf liner to decorate the can and now it is in my kitchen looking fabulous.  Take a look at how I put it all together below.

Learn how to make a coffee can planter with metallic feet and pink flowers

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I started with these supplies to make a Coffee Can Planter

  • Coffee Can
  • Wood knobs
  • Black and White shelf liner
  • Scissorsthese are my go to pair for cutting any sticky material like shelf liner, get them here
  • Hot Glue
  • Hammer and Nail
  • Metallic Spray Paint This dark copper is beautiful and leaves a soft metallic finish

Supplies to make a coffee can planter

To prep the can I made sure all of the grounds were removed, then I pounded a few holes into the bottom with a nail for drainage.  A pot without drainage is not healthy for plants.  If you don’t want to add holes, you could add rocks to the bottom to allow the water to drain away from the soil. 

Drainage holes in coffee can planter

This shelf liner is a few years old, I picked it up on clearance because I loved the pattern but never used it.  I cut a piece to fit around the can, then carefully peeled off the backing as I rolled the coffee can over it.  These scissors makes cutting anything sticky a breeze, it has a non stick coating that I never have to pick tape or glue off of. 

Shelf liner to make a coffee can planter


I took it up a notch, literally raised it up, with the wood knobs I found.  I sprayed them with a few coats of metallic spray paint then hot glued the knobs to the bottom of the can.  

coffee can planter with metallic spray paint

Coffee can planter with legs

Coffee can planter with wood knob legs

There is a pretty flowering plant in my kitchen that I picked up on clearance after Valentine’s Day.  The plastic pot was wrapped in heart paper so it was just $2, score! I peeled back the paper and transferred the plant to this coffee can planter.  The lid to the coffee can can be used to catch water from the drainage holes as needed.  I put it under the planter when I water it then remove it once the water has finished dripping or I know it has soaked into the plant.  This way there isn’t water all over my buffet. 

Pink flowers in coffee can planter

coffee can planter lid

Spring vignette with coffee can planter

I love a good upcycle project, how about you?  What have you upcycled lately?  

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Friday 22nd of February 2019

This is really creative! Love it! I have a pretty Cafe Bustelo can so I will skip the contact paper bit but omg those feet! Brilliant!!


Friday 22nd of February 2019

Thank you! So glad this inspired you.

Sam - Raggedy Bits

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

Such a cute idea!! Will have to make one of these!

Toni | Small Home Soul

Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Oh my gosh, I love this! I love using knobs or doll heads to make little feet for decor items. It really elevates them (haha pun accepted) to a new level.


Wednesday 14th of March 2018

We think alike Toni, thanks!


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Love the touch of the wooden knob feet.


Tuesday 13th of March 2018

Sarah, this is the cutest idea!! Love the little feet you added!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.