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Colorful Lined Dresser Drawers

Colorful Lined Dresser Drawers

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Little Lady and I like to decorate and update her room every so often.  It’s a purple girly room with a Princess Canopy, Upholstered Headboard, Fabric Art, and lots of other little touches.  Last week we found some cute wrapping paper in the One Spot at Target and knew we could use it in her room.  We spruced up her dresser with some Colorful Lined Dresser Drawers.


Here is what I used:

Wrapping Paper





Paint Brush


I pulled out the drawers and cleaned them out, this was a great time to weed out all those clothes that Little Lady seems to grow out of overnight.  As soon as I had an empty drawer on the ground it was filled with children.


I measured the exposed wood and cut wrapping paper rectangles to fit.


Since wrapping paper is so thin the glue needs to be smooth. I brushed a very thin layer of glue onto the wood and smoothed the paper on rubbing out any bubbles in the paper.



Little Lady and I love this little pop of color and pattern on these colorful lined dresser drawers.

How have you decorated your kid’s rooms?  I’d love to hear about it.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.