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Craft Room Organization and Tour

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An organized space not only looks amazing, it makes working in that space easy and effective. I am sharing a full craft room tour with you today along with all my craft room organization tips. Read on and watch the video for lots of organizing goodness.

craft room organization main photo

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Recently I updated and organized my craft room in a manner that really works for me. Everything has a place and I have space to craft just about anything! It’s the room I’ve always wanted.

I’m sharing the space with you along with realistic tips that you can use to organize your craft room or whatever corner you use to express your creativity.

Watch the 2023 updated craft room tour and organization tips

colorful organized craft room

Craft Room Organization Tour Video

For the last 5 years or so I have been using what would be the formal dining room in my home as a craft room. It’s open to my front foyer as well as my kitchen so everyone who walks through my home sees it. I wanted {needed} to create a space that was functional as a craft room but also kept supplies neat and organized.

A few months ago I started fresh. I emptied the entire room deep cleaned everything and painted the walls a light blue – Winterscape from Behr.

Then I headed to Ikea to purchase functional furniture to get started.

Ikea Craft Room Furniture

I wanted lots of table top space to work on projects as well as drawers and cabinets to keep some things hidden. Here is what I chose to line the back wall of my craft room.

Ikea craft room desk

3 LINNEMON table tops, 2 ALEX drawers, table legs for the ends. This creates a long desk that I have divided into work areas. the far right for my office, the middle for my Cricut and the left for paper and vinyl storage.

Ikea bench with Eket in a craft room

Behind the computer desk I have EKET cabinets with doors. 2 are stacked on top of one another with legs on the bottom. 1 is sitting on the other side of the craft room, out of view, also with legs underneath.

The bench is 3 EKET cubes snapped together with the accompanying hardware and legs on the bottom. This offers storage as well as extra seating. A cushion is in the works for this bench.

Ikea offers minimal white furniture that holds up well and comes with lots of storage. The white goes with everything and I was able to add color to the room through paint and art.

Craft Room Pegboard Organization

The wall above the Ikea desk is lines with colorful pegboard and a long white shelf. I painted the pegboard in pink white and yellow and use my craft supplies to add more color and interest to the wall. I use these accessories to organize the pegboard.

craft room organization wide shot

I am a visual person and I’m inspired when I can see art and supplies. Seeing all my paint lined up in rainbow order keeps it on my mind and inspires me to create. It’s also prevents me from buying duplicates because I don’t know what I have tucked away in a drawer somewhere.

The Ikea bag holder, the VARIERA, is my favorite way to store or vinyl. I keep scraps in the ALEX drawers but open rolls are stored on the pegboard.

Watch this video to see how I organized my pegboard.

Craft Room Workspace

Having a large table in the middle of the room is ideal for working on projects. It also offers more storage underneath. I added a curtain to the front to conceal what’s underneath. I store my sewing machine and other large bulky items behind the curtain.

craft room table with curtain and storage

The curtain area beneath the Ikea desk hides my printer and some other bulky items.

Keeping a clean table is not an easy feat. In order to keep it clean, everything needs a place to go including current projects. When I am working on a project that will take more than a day I grab a bin (any small-ish bin) and corral all the pieces of the project into it. I keep this bin under my table until the next day. This way my project is still at my fingertips but it’s not spread all over the table.

Craft Room Organization Tips

Be sure to watch the full video tour to see these tips in action.

  • Group like items together. Baskets, drawers, bins and jars are great methods for organizing supplies. Keeping like items together helps you find them when you need them. Keep all adhesives together, all cutting tools in one place etc.
  • Keep your most used and most loved tools out in the open. Hang them on a pegboard or set them on a shelf so they are at your finger tips when you need them.
  • Corral projects into a bin each night to clear your work space. Your project supplies and materials stay together, but you avoid a cluttered desk won’t have 5 projects spread out all at once.

This craft room is everything I needed in a work space. Its bright and colorful, as well as functional. I am able to spread out and work when I need to. I’m also able to put everything away at the end of the day and keep this room neat. When everything has a place to go, it’s much easier to keep it organized.

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How to organize a craft room

Check out this organized playroom using many of the same methods and Ikea furniture.

Playroom Organization

Watch the playroom video here.

A quick overview of this space and some craft room tips

What craft room organization tips can you share? I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting!

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Kathleen Pope

Wednesday 8th of April 2020

I love this DIY, handy, practical and organized! Will you come build mine! LOL! Help!

Dianne Biscoe

Thursday 9th of January 2020

My favorite from this video is the vinyl holder! There is an Ikea here in Phoenix and I'll have to get there one day. Today I am going on a hunt for one more item for our entryway and shelves to store my multiple machines on. I have purchased most of the stuff online but need to do something outside. :)

Because I am so blessed to have the Scrapbox storage most things are well contained. The room I am using here is labeled the Study in the plans and I am fortunate that it has doors! I still need places tho for my 31 containers and other storage items that are currently hanging out on the floor. Waiting for the plantation shutters to be installed on the windows so I see how much wall space I have left.

Thanks Sarah!


Tuesday 14th of January 2020

Sounds like a such a lovely home! That scrapbox is amazing, the perfect way to contain a craft room.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.