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Craft Room Wall Update with Felt Right

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This post is sponsored by Felt Right.

Add colorful wall art to your home office that’s unique and functional with Felt Right wall tiles. Let me show you how to design, install and use these unique tiles in your home.

My office is a bright colorful space that inspires me to create and work every day. I was in need of something new and functional on a large uninspiring wall. I tried replacing the pictures and wall art with a traditional pin board but it was dwarfed in the room and kind of boring.

Craft room wall with pictures hanging
Craft room blank wall

I landed on Felt Right wall tiles for a few reasons and I’m so happy with how this space turned out. I was able to transform a basic space with colorful wall tiles that are customizable, sound dampening, pinnable and easy to install. 

These tiles look like regular felt but they are actually thick and durable, made from recycled water bottles. The tiles come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be combined and arranged in so many different ways. 

When you visit Felt Right you’ll find a wealth of design choices, sizes and color options iIncluding a Color Quiz and Design Studio to help you find the perfect tiles for your space. 

I opted for the Sunrise design, the colors complimented my pale blue walls and the rest of the bright colors in the space. The large size will be a great backdrop for videos and calls, and best of all it’s functional! I can use these pretty tiles as a pin board to keep my space organized.

Felt right wall tiles as a pin board

Once I settled on the design, I placed the order and it arrived with everything I needed to install the tiles.

Instructions for felt right wall tiles installation

The box comes with tiles and adhesive tabs as well as a design layout, instructions and a link to an install video that was super helpful. 

I unpacked the box and laid out the design on my living room floor so I could get a good sense for the scale. Then I measured my wall and marked the perfect placement of the whole design.

Felt right wall tiles design layout on floor

A huge selling point for me are the unique adhesive tabs. They are paint safe and work on textured walls! So many wall decor ideas like stenciling and wall paper are difficult to use in my home because of the textured walls. 

I began the installation with the center bottom tiles and worked my way out and up from there. I pulled the first few tiles from the layout on the floor and applied the adhesive tabs. I just pressed each one firmly onto the felt then pulled off the backing.

pressing adhesive tab onto felt right wall tile

Using a level, I pressed each tile onto the wall. I stepped back after every couple of tiles to ensure they were in the right spot and lined up correctly.

Installing felt right wall tiles

Following Felt Right’s instructions, this entire project was completed in a morning from emptying my space, installing, cleaning up and putting the furniture back.

Felt Right wall tiles in office

These tiles create a bold wall that perfectly compliments my work space. I love that it’s also functional, not many pieces of wall art can do both. 

I use the tiles closest to my desk as a pin board to help keep my space organized and functional.

Felt right wall tiles in office as pinboard

Felt Right tiles can work in any space, take a look at the premade designs or use the design studio to create your own. A beautiful and functional wall is exactly what my office needed. See how Felt Right can enhance your work space.

2023 craft room tour

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.