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A Cricut Cart to Organize your Machine, Materials and Accessories

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I’m sharing an affordable Cricut cart to store and organize your large machine, accessories, tools and more.

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If you are anything like me, an avid crafter, you probably have lots of supplies and tools. When I craft I can get messy, but eventually I clean my craft room and I when I do I like everything to have a place. When I start a new project I need to be able to find all the right tools and materials.

I’ve shared different ways to organize your crafts including a deep dive and tour of my craft room. I also shared this Cricut Cart with drawers that I set up for an elementary school.

Cricut cart for storage and organization

Today I’m sharing a sturdy wood cart on wheels that can hold your large Cricut machine, EasyPress or two, all kinds of tools and accessories plus materials. Let’s dive in and I’ll show you how I organized this Cricut cart.

Crafit Organization and Storage Cart

cricut cart empty

This sleek cart is available on Amazon and ships quickly. It comes in a flat box with simple assembly instructions. There is an instructional video you can watch as well. If you are familiar with Ikea furniture, this will be a snap to assemble. It all came together for me in about an hour.

This white wood piece measures about 24″ wide, 14″ deep and 29″ tall. The top shelf is the ideal size for a Maker or Explore machine. You could also use the top for a smaller machine and have room to use as a work table.

Cricut cart dimensions

Below are 3 shelves, the smaller shelves hold 12×12 paper or material sheets. They also accommodate an EasyPress or BrightPad. The larger shelf is ideal for a large EasyPress, roll holder, bins or smaller items and long Infusible Ink rolls.

There is space for 23 rolls of vinyl! The 9 rods on the side hold 12″ rolls of material which is a pretty standard size across all brands. The slots on the lower right side hold even more vinyl or HTV.

There is a hook on the left side to hang cutting mats. If you use the long 24″ mats they will touch the floor, but regular size mats fit perfectly.

The drawer on top is great for small tools, accessories, pens, a power cord and a trimmer. I like that I can keep these items tucked away in a drawer.

Maker on top of Cricut Cart

What really sets this cart apart from others is how sturdy it is. It’s on wheels, but the front 2 wheels lock keeping it in place. I can use my Maker 3 on this cart without the cart shaking, and this is a heavy fast machine! That is not the case with some light duty carts I’ve used.

The Crafit Cricut cart can hold your machine and all kinds of accessories and tools you use regularly to craft. Roll it where you need it and tuck it away when it’s not in use. This is ideal for those without a craft room who like their items to be portable.

Organize a Cricut Cart

I gathered up my Maker 3 and all the tools and accessories I use specifically with this machine. Then I pulled my favorite vinyl and HTV rolls. Look at this pile! I was able to organize all of this in the cart.

Cricut supplies and materials

Be sure to watch the full video to see the whole organization process.

I set my Maker 3 on the top. In the drawer below I stored my long trimmer, foil tool kit, blades, weeding scrap collector and pens. I also store my power cord in here when it’s not in use.

Cricut cart drawer organization

On the large shelf I stored my roll holder, I keep this in the box because of it’s odd shape, it’s easier to store this way. I also stacked some Infusible Ink in the long boxes. My EasyPress mini sits nicely on this shelf next to 3 small storage boxes. I labeled these, using my Cricut of course, and keep scraps of vinyl and iron on in them. The top box holds my most used tools like a weeder and scraper.

Cricut cart long shelf organization

Below that I slid my 9×9 EasyPress onto the shelf. Then the EasyPress mat and BrightPad fit nicely on the final bottom shelf. The BrightPad is fragile so I keep mine in the dust sleeve that came with my first EasyPress.

lower shelves on Cricut cart

There is so much space for vinyl rolls on this cart. I hung adhesive vinyl on the rods going down the right side. Then slid a variety of HTV and adhesive vinyl into the slots on the bottom right.

Cricut cart vinyl storage

Finally, there is a hook on the left that holds my mats for easy access. I keep 4 here including the card mat. The 24″ mats are just a little too long for this cart, keep that in mind if you use them often. I rarely use mine so I keep them tucked out of the way behind my desk.

mat storage on Cricut cart

This cart is in my craft room and I’ve been using my Maker 3 on this for a few weeks. It’s sturdy and everything is right at my fingertips for easy access.

Cricut cart holding Maker 3

I like that I can easily unlock the wheels and roll this wherever I need it. This Cricut cart would be ideal for someone who needs to tuck their craft supplies into the corner of a dining room or bedroom. It’s out of the way but completely organized and ready whenever you are.

Cricut cart organization tips

Ready to get organized? Get your Cricut cart on Amazon.

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