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Cricut Jewelry Ideas

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I bet you’ve made a lot with your Cricut, but have you tried jewelry? Check out these Cricut jewelry ideas using a few different machines and tools and proudly wear your creations.

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What can Cricut cut?

You can use a wide variety of material to create earrings, necklaces and pins. And your Cricut can help cut and engrave many of them.

Each series of machine has different capabilities. The Explore series, which includes the Air 2 and Explore 3, can cut vinyl, iron on, paper and 100 more using 6 different tools. The fine point and deep point blades can cut faux suede and firm felt.

The Maker series, which includes the Maker and Maker 3, allows you to do quite a bit more. With these machines you can engrave metal and acrylic and cut wood. This really opens up your jewelry possibilities.

Check out this free Cricut blade guide that helps you choose which tool is right for your project.

Types of Cricut Jewelry

With any Cricut machine you can cut vinyl and add it jewelry blanks. Pick up some clear acrylic earrings and add custom designs with adhesive vinyl.

With a Cricut Maker and the engraving tip you can engrave these same acrylic blanks creating a beautiful custom look.

Cut wood using the knife blade, paint and seal the pieces and turn them into pins for your bag.

Halloween wood pins

Here are a few projects you can try making with your Cricut machine.

Cricut Jewelry Projects

Cricut earrings, necklace, pins and more you can make with your machine.

Wondering what Cricut is right for you? Check out this helpful comparison video.

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