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Cricut Joy Xtra Unboxing and Review

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Introducing the Cricut Joy Xtra! A brand new machine that helps you make the most popular projects like stickers, shirts, cards and more. Let’s get to know the newest machine in Cricut’s line up.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, disclosure policy.

Cricut Joy xtra smart cutting machine

The Cricut Joy Xtra looks a lot like it’s smaller counterpart the Joy. This machine is a little larger with a print then cut sensor. You can now make stickers and cut letter size material in addition to all the capabilities the original Joy has.

The Joy Xtra hits a sweet spot for capabilities and cost. It’s the perfect starter machine for a hobbyist who wants to get into crafting with Cricut.

Unboxing and overview

Cricut Joy xtra in box

In the box you’ll find the machine and a power cord as well as a fine point blade, black pen and the cutest little weeding tool. As always, there will be instructions to set up the machine and a few pieces of material to make your first cut.

There are no buttons on this machine. Like the Joy it is operated mostly through the Cricut Design Space app either on your phone or computer. When setting up the machine you will walk through all the steps to connect and perform a test cut.

Cricut Joy xtra with pen and small weeding tool

The body is sleek and white with the same rounded look of the Joy. This white color fits in anywhere and it’s small and light enough to be portable. Store it in a kitchen cabinet and pull it out when you are ready to craft. Or set this beauty on an open shelf in your craft room.

New and Improved Cricut materials

With the Joy Xtra launch comes a few new, and highly anticipated, materials. Some of these can work with the Explore and Maker machines too. Let’s breakdown what’s available.

New sticker paper! Printable sticker paper, printable vinyl, and printable waterproof sticker sets. These are letter or A4 sized and all have been improved. They work with inkjet printers and the color is gorgeous without any smudging or bleeding.

new and improved Cricut sticker paper

Printable iron on is available for light or dark fabrics and allows you to print custom images that can be adhered to shirts, totes and more. This comes in either letter or A4 size and works with not only the new machine but the Explore and Maker machines as well.

Smart materials that fit the full 9 inch width of the Joy Xtra. These include vinyl and iron on in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Cricut Joy xtra smart vinyl

Key features of the Cricut Joy Xtra

Let’s talk about what this machine can do and what set’s it apart from other Cricut machines.

  • Print then cut! Want to make stickers easily without a workaround? This machine can do it! The one draw back of the original Joy is that it cannot make stickers. I’m most excited about this new feature.
  • Size. Cut 9 inch smart materials or 8.5″ x 11″ materials on a cutting mat.
  • Mats. Standard and light grip mats to hold letter size materials as well as a single card mat. The Joy Xtra also cuts smart materials up to 4 feet in length.
  • Materials. Compatible with over 50 materials.
  • Tools. Cut with a fine point blade, foil with the Joy foil transfer kit and write and draw with any Joy writing tools.
  • Sleek and compact. Fits almost anywhere with only 1 power cord. Use the Bluetooth connection with the Cricut Design Space app or desktop software.
  • Price. At $199 this is an economical way to get started with Cricut.

This fits into the Cricut machine line up just above the Joy and below the Air 2. Think of the Xtra as a Joy that’s wider and can perform print then cut functions like stickers.

Who is this machine for?

The Cricut Joy Xtra excels at helping you make the most popular projects. Cut write and foil on 50+ materials and make your own unique stickers.

Print then cut stickers with Cricut Joy xtra
Stickers made with printable sticker paper and the Cricut Joy Xtra

If you are a crafter looking to get into the world of Cricut, this may be the right machine for you. The price is ideal at $199 and you will be able to make just about anything you can imagine.

  • Full-color waterproof stickers.
  • Personalized t-shirts and tote bags.
  • Vinyl decals up to 9 inches wide and 4 feet long.
  • Custom insert or cutaway cards using the card mat.
  • Labels for a pantry, linen closet or even kids clothing.

I love how light and portable this machine is. It fits nicely on my open shelves, but you could easily stash it in a cabinet along with a container for your materials. The Joy Xtra is the perfect size to accommodate making anywhere.

Cricut Joy xtra on shelf

The Cricut community, both the corporate side and the enormous world of crafters, is a huge bonus when you get started with a new machine. Join a Facebook group, browse sites like mine for Cricut tutorials and inspiration, and chat with customer support as needed. You will love being part of this creative group.

Are you ready to buy your first Cricut? This machine will be available September 7, 2023. In the meantime check out the Cricut Joy Xtra page for more information and project inspiration.

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Cricut Joy Xtra unboxing and review

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