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Cricut Materials Explained Vinyl, Iron On and Paper

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut, all opinions are my own. View my full disclosure policy here.

This post is all about Cricut materials. If you are new to cutting machines you may be overwhelmed with the huge variety of materials available, trust me there are a lot! Let me break down the most common materials and how you can cut and use them with your crafts.

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New to Cricut? Or just want to expand your craft expertise? You’ve come to the right place. Start here to learn just what a Cricut is and what it can do. You can also check out my Cricut Explore Air 2 unboxing and first project.

Today is all about Cricut materials. I’m going to break down the 3 main categories of materials that Cricut can cut and share a few projects that you can try with each.

If you want to see everything Cricut can cut, from paper to leather and even wood start browsing here.

The 3 main categories we will cover today are vinyl, iron-on and paper. These Cricut materials are most common and most loved by crafters.

Cricut Vinyl

Cricut vinyl is an adhesive material that can be cut and used to decorate any hard surface. It comes in an array of colors and patterns to suit your project.

Cricut vinyl can be used to cut intricate fonts and graphics for wood signs, custom tumblers, and home decor.

Christmas lights vinyl wood sign square

Vinyl comes in permanent and removable varieties. Permanent vinyl will hold up in all conditions and last for years on your surface. It’s ideal for wood signs and dishes that you want to use and wash.

Removable vinyl is best for temporary projects and can be used to create stencils. Just cut an image from the vinyl, transfer it to a hard surface and add paint. The vinyl will pull off easily revealing crisp lines and a beautiful project.

Cricut vinyl will almost always be used with transfer tape, a special material that helps transfer your image from the backing after it’s cut and weeded to your project. See that process here.

These are a few of my favorite vinyl projects.

Cricut Dollar Store Trivet
Vinyl on a Dollar Store trivet for Thanksgiving
Cricut back to school final
Layered vinyl pencil box

Cricut Iron-on

Cricut iron-on is a type of vinyl that adheres to fabric with heat. You can design and cut text and graphics in the same way you would vinyl. Then the iron-on can be placed on fabric to make hand towels, t-shirts or home decor items.

Cutting iron-on by hand is possible, but using a Cricut will result is perfect cuts and beautiful details.

A t-shirt made with Cricut Everyday Iron-on will hold up in the wash and won’t fade. You can even layer colors and patterns to create a professional look.

For best results use an EasyPress with all Iron-on projects.

spa party favor bags with Cricut EasyPress 2

Iron-on comes in a few styles that are meant for different fabrics. Sport flex is thin and light weight and can be used on active wear. Everyday and Mesh iron-on come in just about any color and style and will hold up well on all fabrics.

Browse here to see all the options and choose the variety that is right for your project.

Below are a few of my favorite iron-on projects.

Cricut state shirt with buffalo check vinyl
Custom state sweatshirt with patterned iron-on
let it snow shirt
t-shirt with different types of iron-on vinyl

Cricut Paper

If you are a crafter then you probably have worked with paper. A Cricut can take your scrapbooking or card making hobby to the next level.

The ability to design custom graphics and text and cut them with ease will allow you to create stunning books and cards.

I enjoy using my Cricut Joy to easily design and cut cards.

Cricut Joy Card - You Got This

I also like cutting intricate designs that would be too difficult to do by hand, and too expensive to use a traditional die but machine. No need to buy individual dies for each shape with your Cricut.

Cricut has paper in every style, weight and color. Try glitter cardstock, foil, sticker paper, and patterned cardstock. Browse all the paper options here.

Here are a few Cricut paper projects.

Cricut paper flowers in a frame
Spring sign with paper flowers
rolled paper flower
Rolled paper flowers

This is a breakdown of the most common types of Cricut materials; vinyl, iron on and paper. Be sure to watch the video to see some of these materials in action.

There are so many more things a Cricut can cut like leather, wood, infusible ink and fabric! Browse the entire collection and find inspiration to start creating.

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What can Cricut cut

What is your favorite material to work with?

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