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Cricut Venture Wide Format Smart Cutting Machine

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A brand new wide format cutting machine, the Cricut Venture is here and making a big splash. Let’s take a look at what this machine can do and see if it’s right for you.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, disclosure policy.

What is the Cricut Venture

Brand new in 2023, the Cricut Venture is a wide format smart cutting machine with commercial speeds. This machine is ideal for cutting large projects or a large quantity of smaller projects in record time.

Cricut Venture machine photo

The Venture takes some of the best qualities from the Maker and Explore series machines and combines them to help you create in a new bigger way.

How does it differ from other Cricut machines?

Take a look at this great Cricut machine comparison video to get an idea of what each series of machines can do.

Cricut Venture can cut, write, draw, foil and preform print then cut. It uses a performance fine point blade that is compatible only with the Venture. It can also use Maker or Explore pens, the original foil tool and the Scoring stylus. Plus the deep point blade and bonded fabric blade.

Grab this handy guide to help you find the right blade for your machine and project.

The tool capabilities are similar to the Explore machines, but the size, speed, and power allow you to do so much more. The Venture can accommodate new 25 inch Smart materials or the original 13 inch rolls. The machine also has a mat that can hold smaller pieces of regular vinyl, iron on or paper.

Venture and materials
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It is tilted on a 45 degree angle allowing you to use it on a table and conserve space. It also has a unique vacuum feature that helps hold the smart materials in place when cutting.

Unbox and set up the Cricut Venture

This machine comes incredibly well packaged and is so easy to set up. It is heavy, so take your time, but the process is really straightforward. In the box you will find the machine with a performance fine point blade.

Cricut Venture in box

There is a power cord and 2 different USB cords to use with your computer. It can also be connected via Bluetooth. Venture is not compatible with the mobile app so you must use it with the desktop version of Design Space.

A cutoff tool to cleanly slice off a project made from smart materials is included, as well as cleaning tools. You will also find roll supports to place behind the machine when it sits on a table and mat support extensions.

There are a few pieces of smart material in the box to help you make the first cut and get started.

The machine is compatible with a Docking stand that is sold separately. I am using this stand and love the convenience of it. The stand is on locking wheels and comes with 2 expandable baskets to catch projects and keep them off the floor. There is also a built in roll holder behind the machine.

Cricut Venture mat supports

The Venture locks into place on the stand and the whole thing is quite sturdy when in use.

back of Vricut venture
Back of Cricut Venture on docking stand with roll holder

Start by removing all packaging and placing the Venture on a table or docking stand. If using a table, make sure the front of the machine is flush with the edge so the materials can easily run through. Then, connect it via USB (or Bluetooth) to your computer and open Cricut Design Space. Choose to calibrate a new machine and follow the steps.

Your software will be updated if necessary, and you will be guided through your first project.

There are a few different features on this machine that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. When making a project, Design Space prompts you to move each tool to the proper setting which is really helpful.

lifting lever on Venture

There is a clamp A and B, just like other machines. On one side there is a lever which needs to be lifted to load material and lowered before starting.

The pinch roller has 2 positions to accommodate smaller materials, large materials or the cutting mat. There are also 3 blue guides to support different materials.

pinch roller on Venture

Finally, when using a mat, there are mat supports built into the machine, and additional bars that come in the box. The mat is huge and needs some extra support to lay flat when loading into the machine.

What can the Cricut Venture do?

The Venture can cut with a performance fine point blade, deep point blade and bonded fabric blade. With these you can cut more than 100 different types of material including vinyl, iron-on, paper, cardstock and fabric.

The large size of the machine allows you to make big decals or batch projects for your small business. Venture can cut a single image up to 12 feet long and repeated images up to 75 feet. All of this at speeds up to 25 inches per second.

Cricut Venture cutting 25 inch smart material

So far I have made a batch of shirts, all the same, and was able to cut out each color of iron-on quickly and easily using Smart Vinyl.

I have used a light grip mat (sold separately) to hold poster board and created large scale coloring pages for my kids.

Venture drawing

You can make big print then cut items like bulletin board decorations. As long as you have a wide format printer, you can cut the images with the Venture.

Creating batch cards using cardstock on the mat along with the fine point blade and scoring stylus is fast and easy. You can even add a metallic finish with the foil kit.

Who is this machine for?

This is a professional cutting machine for big, batched projects. It works at commercial speeds with 100 plus materials using the most popular tools. The Venture is ideal for a small business owner currently using a smaller Cricut machine. This will allow you to make more in less time.

Cricut Venture smart cutting machine

The Venture is also great for a crafter who wants to make bigger projects like large decals, cut out fabric for big projects, or batch shirts for a girls trip.

Keep in mind the Venture cannot work with as many materials or tools as the Maker, you won’t be able to cut basswood or engrave acrylic. It has the tool and material capacity of the Explore.

Cricut Venture price and deals

The retail price of the Venture in 2023 is $999, be sure to take a look at the most up to date pricing.

I highly recommend the docking stand, it’s a dedicated space for the machine without taking up an entire work table. Plus it’s sturdy and can easily roll out of the way when not in use.

A bundle is a great way to go with any Cricut machine. You receive materials and extra tools to get started on projects.

You can use code CREATIVE to save 10% on any machine including the Venture. Cricut Access members receive a discount as well.

I wanted to give you an overview of the Cricut Venture and help you decide if this machine is right for you. Learn more and get your machine here.

Everything you need to know about the Cricut Venture

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