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DIY Labels with Munbyn Bluetooth Label Printer

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Create personalized DIY labels for your small business using this cute Bluetooth printer.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Munbyn, all opinions are my own. View my full disclosure policy.

A label and sticker printer is an asset for any small business owner. Use it to print standard shipping labels quickly, add a product detail sticker, thank you sticker or any type of DIY label to your product before shipping.

Munbyn thermal label printer
Munbyn Bluetooth thermal printer

These stickers not only help your business stand out, they add a personalized touch to your product and can point out helpful information for the customer.

DIY labels with Munbyn thermal label printer

There are a lot of ways to print your own DIY labels and make stickers. I’ve shared how to create custom stickers on this page many times. If you want something fast and truly easy to use, take a look at the Munbyn printer.

Munbyn Bluetooth label printer

Munbyn thermal label printer with pink stickers

This compact printer is all you need to print shipping labels and stickers. It comes in white or pink to match your aesthetic and the set up is quick and easy right out of the box. Just plug it in, download the app and start printing.

This printer uses direct thermal technology, meaning there is no ink on the labels and there’s no need to change ink cartridges. The stickers and labels have a special layer that heat activates. This sustainable option saves money and time. The printer also has a high resolution for detailed bar codes and crisp images on your labels.

Printer set up

In the box you will find the printer, a power cord, USB cord, manual, quick set up card and sample labels. To set up, scan the codes on the set up card to view the instruction videos then download the app.

The best way to use this printer is with the Munbyn Print App on your phone and the built in Bluetooth connection. You do have the ability to connect with a USB cord to a Windows computer if you prefer that method. The ability to connect to a computer via Bluetooth will be available soon.

Plug in the printer and turn it on. Open the top and feed in your stickers or labels. Then connect the printer to the app, it will walk you through the process.

Munbyn print app

Now you are ready to start creating stickers and printing labels.

Munbyn print app

The easiest way to use this printer is with the app on your phone. Connect the printer to the app via Bluetooth for fast and easy printing.

In the app you have lots of options for creating DIY labels. You can upload a design you made, add your logo, or even an image. You can also use the built in features to print a pre-made sticker or the icons and text to design your own.

Stickers made with Munbyn thermal label printer

It’s easy to print a shipping label from Etsy, ebay or any selling platform. Make sure the printer is turned on and the labels are loaded. If you are using your phone it should be connected to the printer via Bluetooth. If using your computer, you can connect via USB cord. The ability to connect via Bluetooth to a computer will be available soon!

When printing the label just choose the Munbyn printer as the service and your label will print. There’s no messing around with paper and ink, you will get a nice clear label to stick directly to your package.

Make a sticker using the app

Let me walk you through how to make a sticker using the Munbyn thermal label printer and app. First, turn on the printer and load the pink rectangle thermal labels.

In the app, click the plus sign create button near the bottom then choose the correct label.

munbyn app create a sticker step 1

In this next screen you have the option to browse premade sticker designs, add icons, text, borders, images and more.

munbyn app create a sticker step 2

I made a sticker to add to the packaging of a knit scarf. I chose a knitting icon and two different fonts to create something custom and simple.

munbyn print app create a sticker part 3

Once you’re happy with the design, hit preview and print. There are a few options for quality and quantity of the labels then tap print. The stickers come out of the machine quickly, up to 72 per minute, and are dry to the touch thanks to the thermal labels.

Munbyn thermal label printer with handmade stickers

Make stickers using another program

If you use Canva or Adobe to design graphics you can easily upload those images to the Munbyn print app and print custom stickers. You can also print round stickers in Word with this easy to follow tutorial, how to print round stickers in Word.

Stickers are ideal for sharing care instructions for handmade items, or listing ingredients on homemade treats. These colorful stickers can also be used to seal a package and thank your customer. Or ask them to leave a review, or visit your website.

Thermal label sticker options

If you are shipping items you’ll want to get a pack of 4×6 thermal shipping labels. In addition, Munbyun makes a wide variety of colorful thermal stickers in a few different shapes and sizes. Use these to print your logo or a fun sticker to add to a package.

The labels are BPA free and waterproof, they stick well to any package or product but peel off without leaving a residue behind.

Munbyn thermal labels

DIY labels for a small business

If you create and sell a handmade product, a label printer might be a great asset for your business.

  • Easily print shipping labels.
  • Create and add colorful, custom stickers to your packages.
  • Communicate with your customers through a simple message on a sticker.

If you are ready for a label printer this is what I love about the Munbyn thermal label printer

  • Compact – it fits easily on my desk and it’s portable if I need to move it.
  • Easy to use – the app makes the design and print process a breeze.
  • Lots of label and sticker options to fit your business.
  • Price – lower than a traditional printer and budget friendly for any small business.
Small business DIY label printer

If you are looking to create DIY labels and stickers for your small business, check out this cute and powerful thermal printer.

Have questions? Let me know how I can help.

Thanks for visiting!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.