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DIY Stenciled Bottle Opener Sign

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Make a fun sign that you can use outdoors this summer. This DIY bottle opener sign, made with a Cricut, makes a great gift too. Read on for all the instructions and learn how to make your own.

drink local wood sign

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I love making wood signs, they are a fun creative outlet and can be used to decorate just about any room in my home. Outdoor spaces too! From DIY pallet signs to large scale front porch welcome signs you can find just about everything you need to know on this topic right here.

So why not take a simple wood sign a step further and turn it into a functional bottle opener. I customized a piece of common pine board using my Cricut with a stencil of my state. Then I added a bottle opener! Not only can I use this as a piece of decor, it’s functional too.

bottle opener sign

This is an ideal beginner project to learn how to stencil with a Cricut. If you’re just getting started, be sure to learn more about unboxing and making your first cuts with a Cricut.

This bottle opener sign is made with a 1×6 pine board cut to about 18 inches long. You can adjust these measurements to fit your space and maybe to accommodate a larger stencil design.

Start by cutting the board to size then sand any rough edges until smooth. From here you can choose to paint the board or stain it. I love the look of light gray stain. Apply a thin coat and wipe it off after just a minute, this is going to give the board a weathered look.

Once the stain has dried completely, it’s time to create and use a stencil.

How to make a stencil with Cricut

Open up Design space and find an image of your state. Every state is located in the image tab, just search using the box at the top. I highly recommend a subscription to Cricut Access, this gives you access to so many designs that you can use for your projects.

Once you have a state picked out it’s time to add text. Pick a font you like and type the words above and below the state image.

drink local design in Cricut

Make note of the size of your board and ensure that your text and image will fit on it. This board is about 5.5 inches wide so my stencil is about 4 inches, giving me extra space on the sides.

When you are ready to cut, choose your machine and material. I like to cut stencils out of vinyl like this. Load the vinyl on your mat and cut out the stencil. Once it is cut, weed out the extra parts and use transfer tape to move the vinyl to your sign.

Now it’s time to paint the sign and add the bottle opener.

Making the sign

With the vinyl stencil on your wood, use a sponge brush and a little white craft paint to fill in the text and state. Use very little paint and apply a second coat if you want more coverage.

While the paint is still wet, pull off the vinyl to reveal your creation!

Grab a metal bottle opener and use the included screws to attach this to the top of your sign. If you are giving this as a gift then you are done! What a great housewarming gift.

To hang this in your outdoor space secure it to a deck railing or post using long sturdy screws.

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DIY bottle opener sign

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