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14 Dollar Tree American Girl Accessories

14 Dollar Tree American Girl Accessories

Share this post a look at these 14 Dollar Tree American Girl accessories.  These simple Dollar Tree items are doll sized and inexpensive, shop with me and see what we found at Dollar Tree for our doll area. 

14 American Girl Dollar Tree Accessories

My daughters love their American Girl dolls.  They have clothes and accessories from American Girl, Target and Walmart and we make a lot of DIY furniture too.  We recently made a trip to Dollar Tree to share some of our go to $1 items that work with these dolls.  Watch the video to see what we found, there is a full list of our haul further down in this post.

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American Girl dolls clothes and accessories can be expensive. They are great quality and always detailed but I can only spend so much on dolls!  So we improvise with DIY and Dollar Tree items to create a fun and interactive doll area.  I’m thankful that my girls love to craft and DIY as much as I do, sometimes creating is as much fun as playing with the dolls. 

Here is what we found on this trip to Dollar Tree.  Head to your local store to find these items or shop Dollar Tree online.  

  • Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Tea Set
  • Cups
  • Earrings
  • Trophies
  • Hair accessories
  • Hooks
  • Storage containers
  • Lights
  • Dresser
  • Material for wallpaper and rugs
  • Mirror
  • Chalkboard

Dollar Tree American Girl Accessories

American girl dollar tree trophy

These small trophies come in handy for all kinds of doll activities.  Right now my girls have an ice skating rink set up for the dolls, but we also have soccer and dance outfits.  The trophies can be used in play and displayed in a dolls room.  

American girl dollar tree dresser

These little paper board drawers make cute doll dressers.  They are on the small side, I would stack 2 on top of one another to create a tall bedside dresser.  They are great for holding American Girl accessories, tights, or hair items. 

American girl dollar tree errings

Stick on earrings are fun for girls and dolls.  This set has enough earrings for your girl to match her doll.  They stick on pretty well and come in all different styles.  

American girl dollar tree guitar

Doll size musical instruments can be expensive, this $1 guitar found in the toy section is a great compromise.  It comes in a few colors and fits a dolls hands well, I would add a ribbon strap to the back to help the doll hold it.  

American girl dollar tree school

My daughter received a school desk for Christmas and was excited to set up a school room for her dolls.  This chalkboard, with a piece of ribbon on the back, makes a fun addition to the classroom. 

For more American Girl DIYs, tips and ideas be sure to follow me on YouTube.

I’d love to hear from you, what Dollar Tree items have you used for your dolls?

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