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Dollar Tree Easter Candy Jar

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There is an abundance of Dollar Tree Easter decorations that you can purchase or DIY. Take a look at some of my favorite creations and learn how to make this cute Easter candy jar.

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Easter candy jar

Crafting is fun any time of the year, but I especially love creating when it’s part of a gift. This time of year I’m busy with Easter craft ideas that I can add to baskets, decorate my home or give to friends and family.

Dollar Tree’s craft section, or Crafter’s Square as it’s officially called, has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Here you can find just about anything you need to create with.

Their supplies are small and basic, keeping the cost down and supplying only what you need. Some of their items are top notch like wood blanks, floral items and seasonal décor.

Other items you can skip, like their selection of crafters vinyl. I’ve tested Dollar Tree vinyl with my Cricut and it just doesn’t hold up.

The store recently introduced a plus section, I’ve seen it online but it hasn’t arrived my in stores just yet. These are items priced above $1.25 which means the size and quality goes up too.

Dollar Tree Easter decorations

These are a few of my favorite craft blanks and decorations this season.

craft bunny

Foam shapes like these bunnies are really nice to add to a wreath, attach to sticks and use in a floral arrangement or add them to a jar like the craft I’m sharing below. They also come in egg shapes with endless painting possibilities.

dollar tree wood round beaded decor

Beaded round wood hangers are perfect for painting, they make an easy DIY Spring project that anyone can complete.

Dollar Tree easter bunny wreath form

Dollar Tree has a big selection of inexpensive wreath forms for every season and holiday. This Spring they have this cute Easter bunny wreath form that you can do so much with. Wrap it in yarn, ribbon, fabric or flowers then hang it on your front door to welcome guests.

Dollar Tree Easter Crafts

These are some of my favorite, inexpensive, easter projects from years past.

7 Dollar Tree Easter basket ideas square
7 Dollar Tree Easter Baskets

With the wide selection at any dollar store you can put together a themed basket easily for $15. Take a look at these 7 options you can pull inspiration from.

Bunny and Chick Easter Mason Jars
Bunny and Chick Easter Mason Jars

Save a few jars and pick up supplies to create this Easter bunny and chick. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes, felt and paint can all be found in the crafter’s square section of Dollar Tree.

craft bunny

On my last trip to Dollar Tree I picked up these foam craft bunnies and grabbed a pickle jar from my stash to create this Easter candy jar.

Easter candy jar

Easter Candy Jar

Yield: 1
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Create this simple Easter candy jar using an old jar and Dollar Tree items.


  • Pickle jar - or any jar with a lid you want to upcycle
  • Foam bunny
  • Paint in tan and pink
  • Glue


  • Skewer


  1. Clean and dry the jar of your choosing. Make sure to pick one with a tight fitting lid. pickle jar
  2. In a well ventilated area, spray paint the lid with tan and let it dry. This may take a few coats to fully cover the graphics.
  3. Place the foam bunny on a skewer and spray paint it pink. Stick the skewer into a piece of cardboard until the paint is dry. This method helps you coat all sides quickly. spray paint bunny
  4. Use a strong glue like this super glue to bond the bunny to the top of the lid.
  5. Fill the jar with candy and screw on the lid. Easter candy jar


You can also use craft paint and a brush to color the lid and bunny.

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This Easter candy jar can be gifted to a friend, or added to a basket. I am using it on my kitchen table as part decoration and part candy dish. The colorful candies add a a nice pastel touch to the table.

Dollar Tree Easter candy jar

Did you know you can shop Dollar Tree online? If you are looking to buy in bulk for a group project this is the way to go. Quantities in store can run low and this guarantees you can secure the supplies you need.

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Dollar tree easter candy jar DIY gift

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