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Dollar Tree Herb Planter

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With a few inexpensive supplies you can make this Dollar Tree Herb Planter to use in your kitchen or outdoors. A pretty way to grow and display plants in and around your home. Get the full tutorial plus a video below.

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Cooking with fresh herbs is such a treat. The flavors pop and change your food in a way that dried herbs just can’t match. The best way to cook with fresh herbs is to grow them at home.

Herbs can be easy to grow in a small kitchen garden. This garden can sit on your counter by a window and offer not only fresh ingredients but add a touch of color and life to your decor.

You can also plant a small potted herb garden outside, on a patio or balcony just steps from your kitchen. The idea is to have the herbs close when you are cooking. Pick only enough to use in each meal so the flavors are fresh.

Today’s project is a Dollar Tree herb garden made with some scrap wood and a few dollars worth of supplies. I filled the planter with 3 herbs that I use often in my kitchen.

Dollar Tree chalkboard iteems

I was inspired to create this planter when walking through Dollar Tree a few days ago. The craft section with all the chalkboard items jumped out at me. I picked up some small tags with clothespins on the back to use as plant labels.

Metal bucket from Dollar Tree

Then I moved over to the party aisle and bought some white metal buckets. These are the perfect size for kitchen herbs.

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Back at home I found a piece of scrap wood that had been packaging for a furniture item I bought a while back. I saved it knowing I might use it down the road. I love saving good sized scraps of wood, vinyl, paper or any craft supply. You never know when that piece might be the perfect fit for a project.

Watch the video to see just how easily this Dollar Tree herb planter comes together.

I screwed 3 hooks into the board for the metal buckets to hang on.

Screw hook

Then I added holes to the bottom of each bucket. A plant needs a pot with drainage so the excess water has someplace to go. Use a large drill bit to drill a few holes into the bottom of each one.

Drill holes in bottom of pot

To add a little interest to this planter, I used my Cricut Joy to cut the word GARDEN out of white vinyl. The Joy is a small machine that takes up almost no space in my craft room. It’s so easy to pull out, connect to my phone, and cut projects in minutes.

Garden in white vinyl on sign

I went to my local garden center and picked up a few plants that I like to use regularly in my cooking; Cilantro, Dill and Mint. These leaves and fronds can be picked off and added to so many dishes. I also like to have basil on hand, but I plant that in a larger pot outside because I use so much of it.

This tiered planter on my deck is ideal for larger plants and flowers.


I potted each herb in a container then assembled the planter. Each metal pot hangs from a hook and is labeled with a chalkboard tag. I like to use a chalk marker to write the names of the plants. This holds up better than regular chalk but can still be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Dill Dollar Tree Herb Planter

Where to place an herb planter

This planter can be used indoors or outside. Here are a few tips when deciding where to place it.

If the planter is outside, make sure it is secure either in rocks, soil or sand or placed in an area where it cannot get blown or knocked over. You could also screw the wood to the side of a deck or fence.

If the planter is inside, place it on a tray near a window. This will ensure that any water that drains out of the buckets will not spill onto your floor. Herbs need sunlight, but indirect light is fine meaning they do not have to be right next to a window. Just make sure this planter is nearby and receives some light during the day.

Cilantro Dollar Tree herb planter

Are you ready to create your own Dollar Tree Herb Planter? Head to your favorite store and pick up these few simple supplies and get to work. You’ll have fresh herbs at your fingertips in no time.

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Dollar Tree herb garden DIY

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Friday 23rd of April 2021

Hi Sarah. I enjoy your videos so much and have made many of your projects. This one is especially easy and cute. Keep up the good work!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.