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Dollar Tree Peel and Stick Tile on a Table – Does it Work?

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Today I’m testing out Dollar Tree Peel and Stick tile and adding it to a tabletop. Find out how to use this product and if it’s worth a try.

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I stumbled across a new product at my local dollar store. Further research shows that this has been available since the summer of 2021 but it took a while to filter down to all the stores.

Dollar Tree self adhesive wall tile

This self-adhesive wall tile looks really nice and seems to have a lot of potential. It could be a backsplash, wall art, or an accent on a piece of furniture.

I’m testing it out on a tabletop and sharing all my observations. Watch the video for a full walk-though of the product, how to apply it, and my final impressions.

I like using Dollar Tree items in nontraditional ways, check out this video for 3 organizing hacks using everyday items.

Dollar Tree Self-Adhesive Wall Tile

This product looks like a peel and stick tile you can find at a hardware store, a similar look to a traditional tile. It comes in 3 different styles with realistic looking tile on the front.

It’s incredibly lightweight and very flexible. The tile on the front is raised giving the pieces a 3D look and feel. The back is concave so it won’t lay flat on the surface you stick it to.

tile details

The adhesive is a single sheet of sticky backing that is joined to the tile on the edges. The edges of each square are pressed together to hold the adhesive in place.

Applying peel and stick tile to a tabletop

I have an old Ikea table that is still sturdy but the top is scratched. I use this in my craft room as a shelf and don’t want to get rid of it just because it’s a little scuffed up. This was the perfect piece to try out this Dollar Tree tile.

white Ikea table

To begin, I cleaned the table well, removing any dirt and dust to allow for a really good bond between the tile and the table.

Then I purchased 4 pieces of tile, totaling $5. I lined the squares up on the tabletop and marked where I needed to cut each one.

To cut this vinyl tile I used a cutting mat, craft knife and long ruler. I laid the tile on the cutting mat, lined up the ruler so I had a straight edge, then cut through the tile with the craft knife. The product is very easy to cut and I got nice clean lines.

cutting peel and stick tile

To apply the tile, I pulled the backing off each section and pressed it onto the tabletop. The adhesive was substantial, I don’t think it will move or peel off easily.

The table looks nice and decorative but there are definitely some drawbacks, let me lay them out for you.

peel and stick tile on a table

Drawbacks to Dollar Tree Peel and Stick Tile

Although the table looks nice and decorative, there are a few major flaws that make this product a dud for me and not really functional.

  • The back of the tile is concave so although the tile has a raised effect, it is hallow. If I set anything heavy on this table the tiles will collapse. I can’t use this in my craft room as I have before.
  • The adhesive is only pressed against the edges of the tile. That’s fine if you use the squares as they are. I cut mine to size and that separated the tile from the backing. I had to glue it down to make it work.
tile separation
tile not sticking to table

My final thoughts on this product. It’s a nice decorative item that you can use as is, I don’t recommend cutting it. For $1.25 you could use this as wall art or in some other craft.

I would not use this as a peel and stick backsplash of any kind. The only exception might be on a very smooth wall where you don’t have to cut any of the squares. You may get a really nice stick between the faux tile and the wall.

Some Dollar Tree products are fantastic and work really well. I used a few items to make a unique herb planter that held up really well.

Dollar Tree peel and stick tile review

Have you tried Dollar Tree peel and stick tile? Let me know your experience with the product.

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margaret wyker

Saturday 5th of November 2022

The adhesive is a joke. I will use some flex seal glue to adhere the tiles to my wall. The tiles look as good as the ones at Lowes. You can always put a glaze on the 'high' spots to make it look more unique. I think it looks good on the wall.

I think it is a good product. It just needs some good adhesive to install it. I have had no problem cutting the tiles. Keep in mind that they are not precise measurements. You may need to trim a little on the edges. I worked in a plastic plant and am a pro at trimming anything plastic. ; )


Tuesday 8th of November 2022

These are great tips, thanks for sharing!

Shirley Salters

Thursday 15th of September 2022

I brought some of the tiles and it was worth the money


Sunday 19th of June 2022

I have a trouble wall..I tried super glue on edges.. thinking might have to staple. I did it in bath half wall. This one sticks and looks good. The difference is the problem wall is not smooth and has trouble adhering..But I want it to work..because I like the look.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.