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Dollar Tree Place Mat Clutch Purse

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A cute colorful bag is essential for a summer event. You need a place to keep your things but you want your purse to be as cute as your outfit. I made this Dollar Tree place mat clutch purse for just over $1 each! You can make one too, or make one in every color and coordinate all summer long. Get all the details and a video tutorial below.

This place mat clutch purse is easy to make and customize to compliment your look. This Dollar Tree project is is a great one for kids and teens too! Let them get creative and make a pretty accessory for summer.

How to make a Place Mat Clutch Purse

Start with a colorful charger from Dollar Tree, hot glue, and decorative pom pom trim like this or this. You’ll also need a button from your stash with an eye hole on the back as well as a hair tie. Finally grab a few binder clips or clothespins to hold your project in place as you work.

Dollar Store Placemat Clutch Purse supplies
Dollar store place mat clutch purse red and blue

How to Make a Place Mat Clutch Purse

Yield: 1
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Make a colorful clutch purse using Dollar Tree supplies



  • Hot glue
  • Binder clips


  1. Lay the charger flat on your work space and fold in 2 sides toward the middle leaving about a 2 inch gap between the edges. Use binder clips to hold these folds in place. Dollar Store place mat clutch purse step 2
  2. Starting with one side, hot glue the edge down, repeat with other side.
  3. Fold the bottom up to the center, just over the binder clips. Remove 1 clip and hot glue the edges together. Replace the clip until the glue dries. Repeat on the other side. Dollar store place mat clutch purse step 3
  4. On the top flap, use a large dot of hot glue to attach the hair tie to the inside center. Dollar store place mat clutch purse step 4
  5. Flip the clutch purse over and push a button eye through the back and use hot glue to hold in place. The hair tie and button should be centered so that, when the flap is closed, the hair tie can hook around the button to secure the purse. Dollar store place mat clutch purse step 5
  6. Decorate the clutch purse with rick rack, ribbon and pom pom trim. Cut to size and attach with hot glue. Dollar store place mat clutch purse step 6
  7. Once the hot glue is completely dry, close the flap and secre with the hair tie and button.


Be sure to watch the video for more details on this project.

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These Dollar Tree chargers are made with a soft plastic material that is durable and adheres nicely with hot glue. Start with a charger flat on your workspace, fold in the sides and secure with clips. Use a generous amount of hot glue on these edges and let dry for a few minutes. Next, fold up the bottom and secure the sides with hot glue, holding in place with clips. Finally, hot glue a button to the back and a hair tie to the inside of the flap. This will be the closure of the clutch purse.

DIY clutch - Creative Ramblings

This colorful Dollar Tree clutch purse is so much fun to make and can be customized with all kinds of trim. Make a few for yourself, and share this craft with someone who needs one of these!

Dollar Store place mat clutch purse step final
How to make a place mat clutch purse with Dollar Store supplies

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Learn how to make this Dollar Store Place Mat Bag.

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Friday 31st of May 2019

Sarah! It's so pretty and perfect to make for a cute summer purse! Love it. Hope you'll stop by the blog and link up at our Dollar Store Blog Hop going on now! We need some Features! Great video, so easy to make!

Rachael @ This is our Bliss

Thursday 30th of May 2019

This is ADORABLE!! I love the size, too! Perfect Summer accessory :)

Lindsey Manning

Thursday 30th of May 2019

This is the neatest thing I've seen in a while! Pinned and definitely trying this later.


Thursday 30th of May 2019

Thanks Lindsey!

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