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Dollar Tree St Patrick’s Day Crafts

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This is a collection of Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s day crafts. Projects you can create to decorate and share for this fun holiday.

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Dollar Tree is a great place to shop for inexpensive décor and craft supplies. Their seasonal aisle is full of party décor, treats and gifts.

The craft aisle is my favorite section of the store, it’s packed with tools, blanks and materials all at reasonable prices. I head to this section to pick up blanks and simple supplies to create St. Patrick’s day crafts.

Dollar tree st patricks day craft projects square

What to craft for St. Patrick’s Day

In America we celebrate this holiday with festive eating and drinking. It’s a time to wear green and celebrate with friends. Read more about the real history of the holiday and some fun ways to celebrate with kids.

Kids like to incorporate a leprechaun and a little mischief into St. Patrick’s day. Creating projects that lend themselves to this magical creature is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

leprechaun for St Patricks day crafts

For adults, you can make a custom t-shirt or headband to wear while drinking a green beer with friends. You’ll also want to sip on an indulgent green grasshopper cocktail!

Cricut St. Patrick's Day Shirt and headband

You may also want to make a few projects for your home like a wreath or door hanger. A simple table centerpiece can lend some pretty color to your March dinner table.

I don’t need an excuse to craft, it’s something I love to do year round. However, it is nice to have a holiday as inspiration. St. Patrick’s day combines green and gold with rainbows so the projects can be really fun.

I’ve collected some inspiring St. Patrick’s day dollar tree crafts that you can try this season. Use the photo as inspiration then click over to view a full tutorial and more details.

Dollar Tree St. Patrick's Day Crafts

A collection of St. Patrick's day crafts you can make with Dollar Tree or other inexpensive supplies.

These Dollar Tree St. Patrick’s day crafts are inexpensive and easy to make. Use a few as inspiration to create this Spring.

Shop at your local store, or check out Dollar Tree online. If you know you will need a few of one item this site lets you order in bulk and stock up on your favorites.

More Dollar Tree crafts

Some of my favorite projects are made with inexpensive or thrifted supplies, sometimes both! Crafting shouldn’t break the bank, it should be fun and add to your home décor or gifts.

Here are a few of my favorite projects.

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Dollar tree st patricks day crafts

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