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Simple Felt Dragon Costume for Kids

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A simple kids costume you can make in no time and customize for your Halloween loving little one. Take a look at this simple felt dragon costume and learn a few ways to customize one for your own kids.

Nora dragon costume front

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My kids are big fans of Halloween, that probably has a lot to do with their Mom being a big fan of Halloween. We attend parties, decorate our home inside and out and thoroughly enjoy trick or treating. All these events sometimes mean more than one costume. Because it’s too hard to pick just one.

Halloween 2018

Both my girls have a main costume this year, a witch and a taco, but they wanted a backup to wear to school. Being the crafty family we are I decided to grab some felt and make them each a DIY kids costume they can wear and have fun with this Halloween.

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felt dragon costume tutorial

This dragon costume is made from a 36″ square of green felt, actually only half of a square so you can get 2 of these from one square. That’s a deal when it comes to a costume!

The full printable instructions are below, scroll down to see the how to card or read on for a few tips.

These Halloween capes are easy to make and can be taken on and off with ease, no fussy zippers and they can be worn over any outfit.

My oldest wanted a bat cape that we made using the same steps as the dragon costume. She will be wearing this over a black outfit with bat ears on a headband. Her bat costume has a tie around the neck made from ribbon so she can let the handles go and the cape will stay on around her neck. I just stitched the ribbon along the neckline of the felt and let 2 ends fall to the sides. You can also do this with fabric glue.

felt bat costume

TIP: This dragon costume can be simple and green or you can really go all out. I added a few spikes down the back. You can also add colorful pieces of felt to create dimension or scales. This dragon goes well with a fun headband and gloves!

Dragon costume for kids

How to Make a Dragon Costume for Kids

Yield: 1
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

A simple dragon cape for kids, customize this Halloween costume using this tutorial.



  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Chalk
  • Glue (fabric or hot glue)


  1. Fold the square of felt in half to make a triangle, cut in half along the fold line so you have 2 triangles. You will only use one of these for the costume. Cut felt for dragon costume
  2. Position 1 triangle on a large flat work surface with the point facing toward you. Fold in half so the top 2 points come together. fold and cut dragon costume
  3. Using a piece of chalk, draw the shape of the dragon wings. I drew scallops with a pointed tail at the bottom. Then cut through both layers so the wings are symmetrical. Save the half circles you cut out for the next step. final cut dragon costume
  4. You can stop here, or add spikes to the middle of the cape using these steps.
  5. how to make spikes for a dragon costume
  6. Using a half circle left over from the previous step, fold it in half and cut off one end leaving a 2 layer triangle with a rounded bottom. Next, clip the rounded bottom on each side. Using fabric glue or hot glue, attach the 2 halfs of the triangle together leaving 2 flaps at the bottom. Open these flaps and glue them to the back of the dragon costume. finished spikes on dragon costume
  7. Add elastic handles to the inside of each end of the wings for kids to hold onto. Use a needle and thread to sew these on for the best results. add handles to dragon costume elastic handle on dragon costume


1 square of felt will make 2 dragon capes.

Add a ribbon around the neck of this dragon costume so kids can let go of the handles and the cape will stay on.

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A simple costume like this is budget friendly, easy to make and can be handed down to siblings. That is my kind of costume! If your kids like to have options for Halloween, make one of these dragon capes for just a few dollars and let them have fun with it. This costume is also great for dress up year round!

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If you want to get crafty, without busting out the sewing machine, try this simple felt dragon costume for Halloween.

Let me know in the comments how you would personalize this simple costume.

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