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DIY Easter Egg String Lights

DIY Easter Egg String Lights

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Easter is a festive colorful holiday.  Decorate your house, buffet table or kids room with these easy to make Easter egg string lights.

Easter egg string lights, easy DIY project using plastic Easter eggs.

Watch how easy these are to make, then read on for a full supply list and more details.

I have collected a good share of plastic Easter eggs since my kids have been born.  I fill them up for the various egg hunts they participate in then bring them back home and pack them away for next year.  This year when I pulled out my Easter bin I decided I needed to do something special with a few of these eggs.

I don’t decorate too much for Easter, but it’s fun to add a few Spring touches and some egg inspired decor. Find all my Easter crafts here. More than anything I like making little Easter themed crafts for and with my kids. These string lights fall into that category.

The lights stay up for a week or so around the time we do our big neighborhood egg hunt. It sets a fun and festive tone in our house and the kids and their friends love it.

plastic easter eggs

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Here’s how to make Easter egg string lights


  • Plastic eggs
  • String lights – grab a set from Christmas and use them for this craft!
  • Drill
  • Drill bit – use a bit the size of the bulbs on your string lights
  • Block of wood 

Use appropriate protection and follow all operating instructions when using any power tools.

I started by placing the top of my egg on a block of wood.  Holding it in place with my hand I drilled a hole into the center.  The block of wood keeps the drill from damaging the work surface below. It also provides a hard flat surface to secure the egg while you drill.

The eggs I used are hinged but this process works for eggs that are 2 separate pieces as well.

That’s about it, just drill holes into the eggs, enough to fill your string lights, then pop the eggs onto the lights.

Easter egg string lights

I used a drill bit that is the same size as the light bulb.  The eggs fit snugly and I didn’t need to use anything else to secure them.  This means I can take the eggs off the lights after Easter and pack the items away separately to use another time.  

If your lights are a little loose try adding a bit of hot glue around the base of the light to help keep it in place. Using hot glue makes this a permanent craft so you won’t be able to reuse these lights for another holiday. But that’s ok! Keep these lights in your Easter decor year after year.

Easter egg string lights

String these Easter egg string lights above your Easter buffet table, or put them up on your mantle this month.  This is an easy fun project using items you are sure to have around your house.

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Easter egg string lights

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