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Easy Brandy Eggnog Cocktail

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Christmas is not complete without a little eggnog. A classic drink that keeps any holiday party humming along. An eggnog doesn’t have to be complicated, let me share how easy it is to whip up a batch of this brandy eggnog cocktail to delight your guests this season.

Easy brandy eggnog cocktail

Christmas drinks can be light and fruity like this sparkling vodka cranberry. Or then can be creamy and indulgent like these candy cane shooters. There are so many ways to serve up drinks at a Christmas party.

Eggnog is at the top of many lists when thinking of the perfect holiday drink. Don’t think you have to make your own from scratch to enjoy it. This brandy eggnog cocktail starts with store bought eggnog.

Once you have your jug of eggnog you can choose to mix it with a variety of liquors.

What to mix with eggnog?

  • Dark Rum. A classic mixer with a smooth finish.
  • Spiced rum. If you are a fan of spiced run, go ahead and add this in. It alters the flavor of the eggnog and gives it a kick.
  • Peppermint Schnapps. This will give your eggnog a festive kick and the flavors blend nicely together.
  • Bourbon. Mixing this in will give the drink a sweet flavor and it will be strong, smooth but strong.
  • Cognac. This will highlight the nutmeg in the eggnog and create a smooth cocktail.
  • Brandy. Similar to cognac, a smooth but strong drink with subtle sweet flavors.

Each of these liquors will give the eggnog a different flavor. My favorite is eggnog mixed with brandy and topped with a dusting of nutmeg. Brandy or cognac (the more expensive of the 2) brings out the eggnog flavors and is so smooth.

Mix 1 park brandy with 3 parts eggnog for each drink. Serve in small glasses or mugs and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Are you a fan of eggnog? Mis the perfect cocktail this season with this simple cocktail.

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Friday 17th of December 2021

Loved the recipe for easy eggnog. Put Brandy in mine and dusted with cinnamon. Yummy

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.