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Easy Dollar Tree Fall Decorating Ideas

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Here are 3 Dollar Tree fall decorating ideas that are easy to do and won’t break the bank.

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Decorating for fall is fun, but keeping up with trends and adding new items every year can be really expensive. Over the years I’ve collected and created a lot of fall crafts and decorations. I reuse these every year and try to add one or two new affordable items.

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Today I’m sharing some simple ways to add subtle fall decor to your home using Dollar Tree items.

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Fall Jar Gift

This cute idea can be used as a gift or, fill the jar with decorative items and use it in your home.

dollar tree fall jar gift

Start with a small jar, I picked this one up at Dollar Tree in the craft section, but you could just as easily use a jar you already have.

If you want to make this craft in bulk, maybe for party favors, you can buy a case of these little jars.

You’ll also need a bag of this decorative pumpkin scatter, this can be found in the seasonal section. They have little items like this for every season which means you could make a craft like this any time of the year.

Super glue a pumpkin to the top of the jar then spray paint the lid and pumpkin one color. I used matte black, but consider using any color that speaks to you. Then fill the jar and you are all set.

Fabric pumpkin

Textured pumpkins are really popular right now. They can cost a lot, but you can DIY one for just a few dollars.

I used a foam pumpkin that is hollow inside, a piece of scrap fabric and a stick from my yard.

Cut the stem out of the pumpkin leaving a hole in the middle the size of the stick. Make sure you grab one of these light weight pumpkins that is hollow inside. Wrap a piece of fabric around the gourd tucking it into the hole on the top. Then push a stick into the hole securing the fabric.

Keep the pumpkin and stick and change out the fabric each year to keep up with new trends.

Decorative Soap Bottle

Seasonal soaps looks and smell great. They are a fun and easy way to dress up your bathroom or kitchen. A more economical, and eco-friendly, way to dress up your bathroom is with a nice reusable soap pump like this one. Buy soap in bulk and refill one pump as you need to.

A clear or solid color pump can be dressed up for any season or holiday with window clings. Dollar Tree has these for every season in lots of fun designs.

If you are using a standard bottle of soap, first peel off the label. Make sure the soap pump is clean and dry then stick on a window cling. If it gets wet, just dry off the bottle and reapply. This is a really subtle way to decorate and it’s so easy.

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Which one of these Dollar Tree fall decorating ideas are you going to try?

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