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Easy Teacher Gift Ideas They Will Appreciate

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Take a look at this teach gift tag printable and easy ideas you can make this school year.

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Another school year is coming to an end and I am once again in awe of the teachers who have given my children everything and helped them grow in ways I couldn’t imagine.  A thank you gift will never be enough, but it’s a small token of appreciation that hopefully will convey just how much we love our teachers.

Below are some easy teacher gift ideas with a few tips for creating something any teacher will love and appreciate. Plus, free printable gift tags! 

end of the year printable teacher gift tags

A teacher gift can be a simple collection of items that your teacher will use, adorned with a fun gift tag and a personal note. Use these teacher gift tags printable to add a cute note to any teacher gift.

The most imporant part of any teacher gift is a handwritten note from their student. Encourage your kids to write something special. Give them the printable and a little time to prepare.

They can include things like what they like about school, a funny memory and what they learned this year.

DIY Teacher Gifts with Printable Tags - Creative Ramblings

Every teacher can use a nice notebook and pens or highlighters. These practical school supplies will be used in the classroom or at home. Tape a tag to a pretty spiral bound notebook and tie it up with a few nice writing instruments.

Some of my favorite writing tools

Printable teacher gift tag with jar of Sharpies

Fill a jar with Sharpies, because who doesn’t love a rainbow of markers, and add a colorful gift tag. This jar has a cardboard tube in the center so you can add a gift card or a little treat in addition to the markers.

A gift card that teachers can use like Walmart or Target is always a hit. There is a high likelihood that your child’s teacher shops at one of these stores. When in doubt, go with an amazon gift card.

A high school teacher in your life would love a handwritten sincere note from a student and a practical gift card.

Candy Filled Apple Teacher Gift - Creative Ramblings

If you really want to get crafty, pick up a terracotta pot and saucer for this gift idea.  Paint the pot and saucer red then glue on a felt leaf and the end of a pencil to turn it into an apple!  Fill the pot with candy and a gift card to complete this teacher gift.

No matter what you give to teachers, be sure to add a personal note.  I would say this about any gift.  A note from you as a parent or even better from your child means the world to an educator.  Take a few minutes to tell your favorite teacher how much he or she means to you and all the fun you’ve had this year.

Download these teacher gift printables

Printable gift tags and teacher gift ideas

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Teacher gifts with printable cards

More Teacher gift ideas and tags

Cricut gift box teacher gift
Cricut gift box teacher gift

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