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Easy Vinyl Project with the Cricut Maker 3 bundle

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Let me show you how to create a layered vinyl cup for any occasion using the new Cricut Maker 3 bundle from Joann.

This post is sponsored by Joann, all opinions are my own.

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The Maker 3 is new on the craft scene and after using it for all kinds of projects I can 100% recommend this machine. If you are a crafter, looking to take your creativity to the next level, it’s time to upgrade to the ultimate smart cutting machine.

Overview of the Cricut Maker 3

Unbox the Maker 3 with me and see what’s inside and how to create your first project. In this video I compare the Cricut explore air 2 vs the Maker and help you make the right choice for your needs.

Still not sure which Cricut is right for you? Watch this comparison video and let me help you choose the right machine.

Here are a few key features that set this machine apart from the other Cricut machines.

  • The Maker 3 is faster than any of the previous models allowing you to create in less time.
  • It’s compatible with smart materials allowing you to make super long precise cuts without a mat. These smart materials can be combined with a Cricut roll holder to hold the material while cutting.
  • The Maker machines are compatible with 13 tools for cutting writing scoring and foiling. You can cut anything from delicate fabric and paper to to thick leather with this machine.

When upgrading to a machine with new features, like matless cutting, you’ll want to pick up a few new rolls of vinyl and other accessories.

It can be a little overwhelming to choose all the right accessories and vinyl if you are new to the Maker. These machines can cut over 300 materials! This bundle from Joann is the best way to get started.

Cricut maker 3 bundle vinyl cup project

It has everything you need to create endless projects. The machine comes with a few pieces of materials to try out simple projects, but if you are a crafter you know those won’t last long.

This Cricut craft bundle comes with a knife blade, a basic tool set, black and white smart permanent
vinyl, and transfer tape. Everything you need to make all kinds of crafts with your new machine.

You can still cut regular vinyl and iron on using a mat with this machine, but I encourage you to try smart vinyl and see how fast and easy it is to work with.

Let me show you how easily, and quickly, I made this cute layered vinyl cup using the materials in this bundle.

Like this cup? Learn how to add vinyl to a plastic cup using a similar technique.

Vinyl cup with Cricut maker 3 bundle

Layered Vinyl Cup with Cricut

Yield: 1
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Create a personalized straw cup with Cricut layered vinyl



  1. Open Cricut Design Space and select a pre-made image. I chose a flower with 2 layers.
  2. Add this design to your canvas and size it appropriately to fit the cup.
  3. Click 'make it' and select 'without mat' in the cut settings. Then choose smart vinyl, permanent for the material.
  4. Open the Cricut Maker 3 and turn it on.
  5. Load in the white Smart Vinyl and start the cut. You can opt to use a roll holder to keep the vinyl in place on your craft table. cut smart vinyl with Cricut maker 3
  6. Repeat with the black Smart Vinyl.
  7. Weed the excess vinyl around each shape. weeding vinyl
  8. Place the cup on a rolled towel to keep it in place, this will help line up your design and make transferring easy. The roll holder also acts as a cup holder for this step!
  9. Use transfer tape to move the white vinyl to the cup. Press well with the scraper tool to adhere the vinyl, then remove the transfer tape. The white vinyl will be stuck to the cup. transfer white vinyl to cup
  10. Use the same piece of transfer tape to move the black vinyl to the cup. Use the scraper tool to ensure it's in place then remove the transfer tape. transfer black vinyl to cup
  11. Finally, use a scraper tool over both layers to press down and really stick the image. color changing straw cup with layered vinyl


Permanent vinyl is dishwasher safe! However, these particular cups are not. Be sure to wash by hand for the best results.

Make sure your cup is clean and dry before applying vinyl for the best stick. To rewmove any unwated grease or oils, wipe it with rubbing alcohol and let it dry before applying vinyl.

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If you are ready to upgrade to a new machine, this bundle with tools and smart vinyl is the way to go. Get everything you need to up your crafting game.

This simple Cricut Maker 3 beginner project is just the start of what you can do with this tool.

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layered vinyl tumbler with cricut

Have more Cricut questions? Comment below or take a look at all my Cricut projects here.

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