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EENOUR Auto Tumbler Heat Press for Sublimation

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Sublimation is a popular craft technique, if you are ready to try it out there are some special tools you need to get started. Today I’m sharing an auto tumbler heat press that is ideal for sublimating all kinds of tumblers, mugs and glasses.

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tumbler heat press machine

If you are interested in sublimation, or maybe you are just getting started with this technique, be sure to take a look at my sublimation playlist. I walk through the basics of what it is, what tools you need, and the types of projects you can make.

Tumblers, mugs and glasses are just one type of craft that can be done with sublimation. You can also make shirts, totes, hats, coasters, ornaments and more.

What is a tumbler press?

When adding a full color image to a blank item you need heat. Specifically high heat and even pressure. This is pretty straight forward if you are working with a flat item, you can use any just about any available heat press.

sublimation ornament

However, when working with a circular item like a tumbler, you will need a press that can apply even heat and pressure around the entire piece. This is where a tumbler press comes in handy.

mug and tumbler made with tumbler press

These machines range from manually operated, basic presses to more complex versions like the one I’m sharing today. This new auto tumbler heat press allows you to customize the time, temperature, and pressure. It also automatically opens and closes as well as rotates the tumbler to get an even press.

A tumbler press is a must have if you want to sublimate any drinkware. A complex machine like the EENOUR tumbler press is perfect for pros who have been doing this a while. But it’s so easy to use, a beginner can operate it and get a lot of use out of one machine.

EENOUR Auto Tumbler Heat Press

I have used a few different heat presses to make tumblers and other drinkware. As a beginner you want something that’s easy to use, is priced right and that you won’t have to replace as you business or hobby grows.

The EENOUR heat press has checked all the boxes for me and has quickly become my go to machine.


Let’s talk about the features of this tumbler heat press and why each one makes such a big difference.

  • Auto rotation This is the big one. In order to get a full wrap on a tumbler you often need to rotate the piece and press it again. This is because not many machines can encircle an entire tumbler at one time. The EENOUR machine has a setting in which it presses your tumbler, opens, auto rotates, then presses again. It’s a big time saver for me.
  • Pressure The quality of your final product depends on so many things including time, temperature, tightness of the paper to the tumbler and pressure. You can control most of these with any heat press, but most don’t allow you to adjust the pressure. This is a big perk and helps you create the perfect tumbler.
  • Easy to use the auto tumbler heat press operates like a professional machine, but a beginner could start to use this right out of the box. It takes a lot of features and makes them very easy to use.
  • Solid and sturdy A good sized machine at 14 x 7.5 x 13 inches this press is heavy and has rubber feet to help it stay stable.
  • Emergency stop button Peace of mind that if something goes wrong you can stop the job immediately.
  • 1 year warranty from a company that stands by its products.
  • User manual that covers everything you need to know to get started using written instructions and photos. When I took the machine out of the box the instructions made it easy to understand the functions and create my first project.

The auto tumbler heat press has a screen on the front with a series of buttons and a light up display. A look at the manual will tell you what each function does. Let’s highlight a few of the features here.

auto tumbler heat press screen controls

4 pressing modes The heat press comes programmed with 4 pressing modes. Just press the button (1-4) that corresponds to the project you want to make. I use one of the pressing mode for almost all my projects, but I like that I can change and customize the settings to the exact time, temperature, and pressure my project requires.

tumbler size from amazon
Image credit: ENNOUR on Amazon

Capacity and size. This press can accommodate most drinkware that is suitable for sublimation including items with a handle. The large heating plate can press tumblers up to 30 oz and mugs up to 15 oz.

My thoughts on this auto tumbler heat press

I am a big fan of straightforward, easy to use machines that are budget friendly. I have highlighted many on this page before. When looking at the EENOUR machine the price is right for everything you are getting. However, I was a little intimidated by all the features and functions.

EENOUR auto tumbler heat press and products

When I unboxed my machine I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get started. You could be completely new to sublimation and still be able to create your first project quickly.

The user manual walks you through all the steps. The automatic features like opening, closing, and rotating take so much of the guesswork out of the project.

If you want to press tumblers, mugs, glass cups, or other drinkware and want consistent professional results I highly recommend this machine.

This press is available on Amazon now in a pretty pastel color. In the box you’ll find the machine, power cord, 2 extra fuses, user manual, gloves, and heat press tape.

You will need to have a sublimation set up with a printer and ink, as well as blanks to press. Shop my storefront for my favorite supplies.

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Automatic easy to use heat press for sublimation

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Jacqui Pearson

Wednesday 17th of April 2024

Can we get this in the UK as i only have the Cricut mug press and wand to do the tumblers and drinking cups


Friday 19th of April 2024

I'm not sure, I know it's available on Amazon through the links in this post but unsure where they ship.

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