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DIY Fall Door Hanger

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Today’s post explains how you can make your own rustic DIY fall door hanger. 

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If you are looking to update your front porch for Fall, this project should be perfect for you!  It combines classic black and white with simple greenery. Ideal for a farmhouse fall look.

I usually put a wreath on my door that is seasonal.  This DIY shows how I was able to honor that tradition by keeping that round shape, but switch it up a bit and hanging a round fall wood sign door hanger instead.

Looking for more fall decor ideas? I have a ton of fall themed wood sign possibilities already on this site waiting for you to check out.  DIY Fall Wood Sign with Vinyl and 20 Fall Wood Signs would be a great place to start for some inspiration. Take a look at this inexpensive Dollar Tree Fall Door Hanger.

Here are the materials for the Fall wood sign door hanger. To make this your own, change up the greenery, ribbon or even the paint colors. Create something that fits with your personal decor style.

I chose a wood round with a rough looking appearance, something akin to a pallet.  Purchasing this in the shape and size I wanted was a lot quicker and easier than sawing down something larger.  Most home decor or craft stores should have this type of item available, especially in the Fall.  

painting wood sign door hanger

My first step was painting the wood round with high gloss black paint.  I chose to paint everything, with the exception of one wood slat in the middle.  I wanted some writing on this project and I felt a litter color would help make that writing easier to see properly.  Adding one white slat really makes the word pop.

With the plan being to hang this on the door, it is important to take that extra time to paint the sides of all the slats too.  These areas will be visible after all.  

Once the paint was dry I used a pencil to free hand “Hello” on the middle white slat.  You could also choose to use a stencil or some vinyl if you wanted a font that is more difficult to do by hand.

writing hello on fall wood sign door hanger

Once happy with the text, I used a fine paintbrush with black paint.  The wood can be rough, so it may take a few coats.

Now it is time to move on to the bow. Be sure to watch the video to see how this bow comes together. I chose a two-and-a-half-inch buffalo check wired ribbon

The slats in the wood round make attaching the ribbon extremely easy.  Just twist the pipe cleaner around one of the slats, wherever you want it, in order to fasten it in place.

Grab the greenery and use your wire cutter to trim it to the size you want.  Place it close to, though not on top of, your ribbon bow.  This way you can fasten it by weaving the stem into the pipe cleaner attachment in the bow.

add greenery to wood sign door hanger
fall wood sign door hanger

Fall Wood Sign Door Hanger

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

A black and white farmhouse wood sign door hanger for fall



  • Hot glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Wire cutter


  1. Paint a slatted wood round with black and white paint. Let dry completely.
  2. Use a pencil to draw the word hello on the white slat. Use a stencil if you'd like.
  3. Then paint over the pencil using a small brush and black paint.
  4. Use buffalo check ribbon to make a bow, secure with a pipe cleaner.
  5. Attach the bow to the wood round using the ends of the pipe cleaner.
  6. Tuck greenery under and around the bow, secure with hot glue as needed.
  7. Tie a piece of twine to the back and hang it on your front door.


Watch the video to see how easily this bow comes together. You can use this technique when adding a bow to any home decor piece.

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To hang this on your door, tie a piece of twine to the back, again using those slats to your advantage. Grab a wreath hanger that hooks over the door. I love this, it’s so convenient for hanging anyone on my door.

I loved how this DIY fall door hanger turned out.  It looks great on my porch, along with the other Fall decor.  It was a simple and fast craft too!

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farmhouse fall wood sign door hanger

What do you plan on displaying on your porch this Fall?  Any new DIY projects planned to add to the curb appeal this season?  Leave some comments below to tell me what you are up to on this front or ask any questions you might have on this great DIY project.

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