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How to Make Giant Paper Pinwheels

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Paper pinwheels are a quick and easy craft that will add color and fun to your next party. I’m going to teach you how to make pinwheels. These DIY pinwheels can be any size from small to giant, they all use the same technique. Master this pinwheel technique and you’ll be making them for every occasion.

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I shared a video years ago on how to make a small double pinwheel that spins. This simple craft technique can be used to make a toy, party favor or decoration. I scaled that basic technique to show you how to make giant paper pinwheels.

How to Make a Basic Pinwheel

Let’s start with the basics. To make a pinwheel you need a square of paper, any size square. To make a giant pinwheel you need a few extra supplies, but we’ll get to the big ones in a bit.

To give the pinwheel a little interest I recommend using a double sided paper like this. This pack of 12 inch scrapbook paper is printed on both sides and includes some really fun patterns. When making a pinwheel both sides of the paper show so you want to make sure they look good from every angle.

You can also opt for solid paper and make a variety of solid colored pinwheels like I did with this pinwheel wall.

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How to Make a Giant Paper Pinwheels

Be sure to watch the video for more details, or scroll to the bottom for a printable how to card.

Start with a piece of poster board and trim the rectangle down to a square.

Then using a yardstick draw a big X from corner to corner, crossing in the middle. Cut the lines of the X almost up to the center. Leave about 2 inches between where the cut ends and the center of the poster board.

Now that the poster board is cut, grab a hot glue gun and pull down 1 side of each triangle to the center and glue in place. Ta-da! A pinwheel!

You can decorate the center with a cut out, pom poms, or buttons whatever your heart desires.

To create a party backdrop start with paper and poster board in your party theme colors. Make pinwheels in varying sizes until you have enough to cover the wall. Then grab some painters tape (easy on the walls) and stick those pinwheels in place.

This wall of pinwheels won’t cost much but it will make a huge impact. Once you learn how to make a pinwheel you will find all kinds of fun ways to use this technique.

make giant paper pinwheels

How to Make a Giant Paper Pinwheel

Yield: 1
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to make a pinwheel to decorate your next party


  • Poster board
  • Glitter cardstock


  • Yardstick
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue
  • Circle Punch
  • Scissors


  1. Measure the short side of the poster board, typically it is 22".
  2. Mark the same measurement on the long side of the poster board and cut ff the excess leaving a square of poster board.
  3. Using a yard stick draw a diagonal line from corner to corner, repeat on the other corners resulting in an X.
  4. Note where the lines cross in the middle and mark each line 2 inches from the center.
  5. Cut the lines from each corner to the mark that is 2 inches from teh center. You will be left with 4 triangles still connected in teh middle. cut pinwheel
  6. Pull one corner of a triangle to the center and secure it with hot glue.
  7. Repeat this for one corner of each triangle.
  8. Cut a circle from glitter cardstock and secure it to the middle.
  9. Hang these pinwheels to create a bold party backdrop.


Mix pinwheels of varying sizes and colors to create a colorful and fun backdrop.

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How to make giant pinwheels

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