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Gumball Machine Costume from Amazon Smile Boxes

Gumball Machine Costume from Amazon Smile Boxes

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This post is sponsored by Amazon Prime. All ideas and opinions are my own. You can find my full disclosure policy here.

Are you ready for a clever DIY Halloween costume? How about a Boxtume? A boxtume is a creative costume made using Amazon smile boxes and just a few other supplies. Check out how I made a gumball machine costume for my daughter using boxes and supplies from Amazon.

Halloween gumball machine boxtume

My daughter Lauren has a history of dressing up as an item of food each year for Halloween. She’s gone as a pineapple, donut and taco! This year, she wanted something over the top and I jumped at the chance to create an awesome costume with her!

I am a fan of upcycling when I can, and Lauren is on a mission to save the earth as much as an 8 year old can. When I mentioned using an Amazon smile box to create a costume she was immediately on board.

We ordered a few basic supplies from Amazon and used the box they came in to create this gumball machine boxtume.

Scroll down for the full tutorial and supply list.

This gumball machine costume is a pretty simple concept. Start with a box that it big enough to fit around the person wearing it. In this case, an 8 year old. Add a few details to the box to make it look like a gumball machine and top the box with colorful balloons to look like gumballs!

How to make a gumball machine boxtume

You can get these supplies from Amazon. Prime members can order supplies and enjoy fast, free shipping so you can get to work on your boxtume right away!


  • Amazon smile box
  • Packing tape
  • Red paper roll
  • Red ribbon
  • Balloons
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint – gray, gold and black
Gumball machine costume boxtume supplies

Start by taping the box together with the flaps straight up so the box can fit around the person wearing it.

Make a box into a gumball machine costume

Next, cut half circles at the top on either side to accommodate arms. If this costume is for an adult you may not need to do this step. For a child, this makes the consume more comfortable. Then cover the outside of the box with red paper.

how to make a gumball machine costume from a box
wrap box in red to make gumball machine costume

To turn this red box into a gumball machine, grab a piece of cardboard from another Amazon Prime box and cut out a keyhole shape as well as a small square. Sketch a slot for a coin and a hole where the gumballs would come out. Then paint this using craft paint. This is where you can get creative, use some fancy brush strokes or even metallic paint to get the look of a real metal gumball machine.

gumball machine costume details
gumball machine boxtume painting

Once the paint is dry, attach these pieces to the front of the red box using packing tape and/or hot glue. You may need some extra reinforcement to keep these pieces on. Especially if this costume will be worn during a rousing round of trick or treat!

Now to add the gumballs! Blow up primary color balloons until they are round and grab a few more scraps of cardboard to attach them to. Use a craft knife to cut an X into the cardboard then slip the knot of the balloon through the hole. When a piece of cardboard is full, tape this to the inside of the box so the balloons sit around the outside of the box.

add balloons to make gumballs
attach balloons to cardboard
attach gumballs to box

Finally, add some straps using red ribbon and hot glue or a stapler. Then slip the boxtume over the wearer! You can add a few more gumballs to the straps once the costume is on, just make sure the person can see!

gumball machine costume made from a box

I am in love with this costume, and so is Lauren. She can’t wait to wear this to her school party and enter the costume contest.

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Learn how to make a gumball machine Halloween costume. A boxtume, made from Amazon smile boxes.

It’s easy to turn a box into a costume, use this gumball machine idea or come up with your own. I’d love to see the Boxtume you create, head over to my Facebook or Instagram and share your costume with me.

Tell me in the comments, what Boxtume would you love to create with Amazon amile boxes?

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