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How to Etch Glass with a Cricut Stencil

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Learn how to etch glass with Cricut by creating a stencil. Once you’ve learned this technique you’ll be able to use it on all kinds of glass items in your home.

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What is glass etching?

Glass etching has been around for a couple of centuries and is used to create sustainable art that lasts. It’s the process of applying an acidic substance to glass in order to roughen its texture. This leaves a frosted look and rough feel to any area that has been etched.

You can etch glass jars, windows, picture frames and more. Really anything that is made of glass can be etched.

When doing a project at home, keep in mind you’ll need to be able to rinse the glass item in water so smaller pieces work best. Read on for a step by step tutorial on how to etch glass.

red pepper etch glass with Cricut

Having a set of uniform containers with labels can give a room a sense of organization. Not only are all of your items stored away neatly, but they can be located and used easily because everything is labeled.

Using similar containers allows you to leave them out on a shelf for quick access. They look like part of your décor while serving a very functional purpose.

Check out this tour of my craft room to see how I use mason jars and open shelving for storage and organization.

How to cut a Cricut stencil

Etching cream can be applied to any glass surface and it will etch whatever it touches. To refine this process, it’s best to use a stencil or tape to guide your project.

Cutting a stencil with a Cricut gives you endless options for personalizing your crafts and home décor projects. Using Cricut Design Space and any of their machines, you can design and cut a stencil.

This stencil can be used for painting wood signs, or glass etching. Check out these videos for in depth tutorials on how to create, cut and use Cricut stencils.

Here are the key supplies to etch glass with a Cricut stencil.

How to etch glass supplies
  • Cricut Explore Air 2 is my go to machine for cutting stencils. It has a wide capacity and easy to use interface.
  • Folkart etching cream an easy to use cream that etches glass in 15 minutes. A small bottle will last a very long time.
  • Cricut Stencil Vinyl. This sheer blue material is ideal for cutting stencils. It cuts nicely and removes cleanly from glass or wood. Great for this project as well as painting.
raw sugar etch glass

How to Etch Glass with a Cricut Stencil

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

A pretty labeled jar made by etching glass using a Cricut stencil.




  1. In Cricut Design Space type the words you want to use on the jars. Be sure to measure the jar and the space you have for each word and size the text accordingly. These stencils are 1 inch tall by 2 inches wide.
  2. Choose a stencil font for easy cutting, weeding and applying of the stencil.
  3. Load a piece of Cricut stencil vinyl onto a mat. Cut the words using your Cricut.
  4. Pull the vinyl off the mat and weed out the words.
  5. Cut a box around each word so it has a border, this will help when using the etching cream. It should look like this. cut stencil vinyl
  6. Use a scissors to cut small slits around the boarder, this will allow the stencil to lay flat on a slightly curved surface. Watch the video to see exactly how this is done.
  7. Prep the jar by cleaning the surface with rubbing alcohol.
  8. Pull the backing off the vinyl and apply it to the jar, smooth it on from the middle outward ensuring there are no bubbles in the vinyl.
  9. Wearing gloves, use a paint brush to apply a thick coat of etching cream over the stencil. Let sit for 15 minutes to work.
  10. After 15 minutes, while wearing gloves rinse the jar under water to remove the etching cream. Then remove the stencil and wash the jar in soap and water.


Etching cream will work on any glass surface, be sure to get a good stick between your stencil and glass so the cream doesn't seep underneath. This will give you crisp lines.

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Be sure to watch the video in this post to see just how easy and versatile this technique can be.

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How to etch glass

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