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How to Fold a Bat Napkin for Halloween

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I am a fan of Halloween, have you noticed? Lots of decor, drinks and fun posts around here this time of year. Today I’m sharing a quick video on how to fold a bat napkin, a fun and kind of formal way to dress up a Halloween table.

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A few years ago our family started using cloth napkins during meals. Nothing fancy, I started with a few inexpensive cotton napkins and put them in a basket next to our kitchen table. These napkins quickly became habit, and we reached for one instead of paper towel at every meal.

I have cut down on paper towel and napkins drastically over the years and love that our family can play a part in helping the environment with this little switch.

I like these napkins and also tend to pick up napkins on clearance after holidays. Our basket is full so we can go a few days without laundry and still have napkins on hand.

Bat napkin square

A few tips when selecting cloth napkins. Choose a cotton blend, I like to scroll through reviews on Amazon before buying. A napkin with too much synthetic material won’t absorb any liquid. 100% cotton will bunch up in the dryer and be wrinkled all the time.

I will admit I do not iron my napkins so I choose a cotton/synthetic blend that will stay nice and flat but still be absorbent. Just take them out of the dryer right away and fold them for the best results.

Sometimes it’s fun to dress up these napkins a little bit. I have done Easter bunny napkins Valentine’s day napkins and now I’m showing you how to fold a simple bat napkin.

learn how to fold a bat napkin for halloween

Watch the video for the full tutorial and learn how you can spice up your Halloween table with these bats.

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how to fold a bat napkin pin

Want to see more napkin folding techniques? Let me know in the comments what you want to see next.

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Thursday 12th of August 2021

Sorry I just found the video Thank you so very much for showing it. Really different.


Thursday 12th of August 2021

I don't get how to fold it or where the instructions on the bat napkin. Besides it is a cloth napkin.


Friday 4th of October 2019

Sarah, I love how you mix environmental responsibility with creativity and family fun and then share those ideas with the world. You're my hero! <3

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