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How to Make a Heart Tie Dye Shirt for Valentine’s Day

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Joann, all opinions are my own.

Want to learn how to tie dye like a pro? In this post I’m teaching you how to easily make a heart tie dye t-shirt with an all in one kit, plus tips for embellishing this shirt for Valentine’s Day.

final heart tie dye shirt

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What is tie dye?

Tie dye as we know it is a relatively modern technique that found popularity in the 1960’s. It’s the art of resist dyeing that includes tying off sections of fabric and soaking the garment in colorful dyes.

There are hundreds of ways to tie up a shirt and create swirls of color. The key to a great results is to follow the dye instructions closely. Each garment will come out slightly different, but following the directions will result in vibrant colors and beautiful patterns.

I recommend this one step tie dye kit. It comes with a rainbow of colors, protective items for you and your work surface like rubber gloves and plastic wrap, as well as instructions for how to create a variety of designs.

A tie dye heart is a cute design that can be worn for Valentine’s Day. Check out the instructions below for all the details.

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Here are the products I started with, the tie dye kit and a pack of fabric markers. Plus a few key items that will make this process a breeze.

  • Covered work surface
  • Metal cooling rack
  • Large ziploc bag
  • White t-shirt pre washed
  • One step kit with dye powders and squirt bottle
  • Pencil
  • Rubber bands
  • Fabric markers
  • Gloves – these do come with the kit but having extra on hand is a good idea
Joann heart tie-dye shirt

How to make a heart tie dye shirt

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 6 hours
Total Time: 6 hours 20 minutes

A colorful tie dye shirt for Valentine's Day



  1. Soak a white t-shirt in water and ring out excess.
  2. Fold shirt in half lengthwise and draw half a heart with pencil. heart on tshirt
  3. Pleat the shirt along the pencil line
  4. Once the shirt is pleated from one end to the other, tie a rubberband around the shirt at the pencil line.
  5. Add a few more rubber bands along the length of the shirt to complete the deisgn.
  6. Prep your surface for dying. Lay out the plastic sheet and put on gloves. Place the wire rack on top of the sheet and your shirt on top of the rack.
  7. The dye bottles in this kit come prefilled with powder coloring. Fill to the line with water and shake well. Squeeze each color onto the shirt.
  8. For this shirt I used 2 shades of pink in different sections.
  9. When the entire shirt is covered in dye, seal it in a zip bag for 4-6 hours to let the color work.
  10. After 4-6 hours, remove from the bag and rinse under cold water. Remove the rubber bands and machine wash and dry to allow the color to set. final heart tie dye shirt
  11. When the shirt is dry, decorate with fabric markers. I wrote the word love in red and added a black shadow. The marker will set and can be washed regularly. Joann heart tie-dye shirt

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If you love this technique try tie dye with bleach, a reverse effect that works on dark colored shirts.

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heart tie-dye

What would you write inside your shirt?

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