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How to Make a No-Sew Coffee Sleeve

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Learn how to make a reusable no sew coffee sleeve for your Starbucks cup or travel mug.

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A reusable coffee sleeve is ideal for a couple reasons. It protects your hands from hot beverages or condensation from frozen drinks. Forgoing the paper sleeve at your local coffee shop and opting for a reusable one is an easy swap and a step toward more sustainable living.

no sew coffee sleeve with tree

This post will show you how to cut and assemble a simple coffee sleeve. It will also walk you through a fun way to embellish the sleeve and how to turn one into a gift.

Coffee Sleeve Key Supplies

Here are the basic supplies you will need to make a coffee sleeve

Felt This is an inexpensive material that’s easy to find and work with. It comes in colors and patterns and works well to protect your hands when it’s on a cup. This is a nice variety pack to start with.

Hot Glue For this no-sew project, grab a cordless glue gun and a pack of glue sticks.

Template This is the template I use and works perfectly for standard travel cups or Starbucks cups. Or save a paper sleeve from your next coffee and use that as a template.

Embellish Coffee Sleeves

For the sleeves in this project, I use a Cricut to cut iron-on vinyl. You can learn more about the Cricut Maker here.

Coffee sleeves can be embellished any way you like. If you don’t have a Cricut, or choose not to use one, here are some other ideas.

  • Felt shapes or faces. Decorate the sleeve using cut out felt designs or create cute creatures with vairous felt colors.
  • Create a sleeve using patterned felt and skip any additional embvellishments.
  • Add a button or 2 as a faux closure on the seam.

For the gift design on the sleeve I made, you could easily cut the shapes out of felt and glue them on.

Watch the video to see just how quickly and easily these coffee sleeves come together.

good morning no sew coffee sleeve

How to Make a No-Sew Coffee Sleeve

Yield: 1
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes

Make a simple reusable coffee sleeve


  • Felt sheet
  • Iron on vinyl



  1. Print the template on paper or cardstock and cut it out. coffee sleeve template
  2. Trace the template onto felt and cut it out.
  3. Using Cricut Design space, create graphics to cut from iron-on vinyl. Follow the prompts on your machine to cut the designs.
  4. Weed each design and lay on top of the felt, in the center of the sleeve. iron on vinyl on coffee sleeve
  5. Use an EasyPress to adhere to vinyl to the felt.
  6. Wrap the sleeve in a circle and attach the ends with hot glue. red cup with no sew coffee sleeve


Embellish these sleeves any way you want!

Add a name or favorite pattern and give a travel cup with a sleeve as a gift.

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Coffee Sleeve Gift

These sleeves make great gifts. Wrap one around a travel cup and fill the cup with a coffee shop gift card and treats.

You can embellish the sleeve with a name or special design for the person you are giving it to. A school motif for a teacher, or a motivational phrase for a coach.

Opt for a holiday design like the ones below for Christmas. Add a heart for Valentine’s day or a snowflake for a winter birthday. There are so many ways to customize these sleeves.

Once you make one, you’ll want to make more they are so easy. Be sure to create a few for yourself too. Reusing a cup and sleeve in place of a single-use disposable option can make an impact!

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felt coffee sleeve with Christmas tree

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