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How to Make an Easy Vinyl Wood Sign for Christmas

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A fun vinyl wood sign that you can make for Christmas. Learn where to find beautiful designs, plus how to cut and layer vinyl with the help of your Cricut.

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I love making wood signs, and sharing all the tips and tricks with you. Start with my full wood sign video series and learn how to build, stain, paint and stencil all kinds of home decor!

Today’s I’m focusing on vinyl, specifically how to cut and layer a premade design. I am working with a Cricut Explore Air 2 and a few different types of Cricut vinyl.

Update: Check out the newest Cricut Maker 3 to cut even more materials, faster.

Get started with Cricut Explore Air 2 in Sky

Where to find Wood Sign Designs

There are a lot of ways to find or create designs for your vinyl wood signs.

  • Create your own. Using Cricut design space, the program that comes with your machine, you can use the tools to draw and piece together your own design.
  • Use Cricut images and designs. Within design space you can find free and paid designs to use for signs, shirts, mugs or whatever you are creating.
  • Purchase pre-made designs. Buying single or packaged designs from a creative professional often results in beautiful wood signs and saves you a lot of time trying to create and size the perfect one.

I often create my own designs, but it can be time consuming. Lately I prefer to use designs that are already created. All I have to do is upload it to Cricut, size it appropriately and cut it out. So easy.

The design I’m using today is part of Weekend Craft’s SVG membership program. When you sign up you receive 8-10 SVG cut files each month plus access to a private group and live craft nights. If you are looking for beautiful designs plus a fun group, check this out.

Christmas lights vinyl wood sign square

How to Cut and Layer a Vinyl Wood Sign

Yield: 1
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes

Learn how to cut vinyl with a Cricut and layer it on a wood sign.


  • 12x12 piece of wood - stained
  • Vinyl - black, pink and holographic
  • Transfer tape



  1. In Cricut design space, upload an SVG like the one I am using in this project. Or create your own.
  2. Size the design to fit your 12x12 wood board.
  3. Ungroup all elements of the design. Then group together pieces by color, you can add a color in design space to help you better visualize what your final product will look like. I chose to group the word Color for pink vinyl, the other words in black vinyl and the stars in holographic vinyl. Cricut design space image
  4. Once each piece is grouped, you will need to select each group one at a time and attach it. This sticks the elements to the page and keeps everything in place when you cut allowing you to layer on your wood sign.
  5. Click Make it. Your design will be separated into 3 parts by color. Load the first color onto the cutting mat and cut out the design. Be sure your machine is set to vinyl.
  6. Repeat this process for each color of vinyl. vinyl wood sign supplies
  7. Once the vinyl is cut, weed out the excess leaving just the design elements on the backing. weeding for vinyl wood sign
  8. To move the vinyl from the backing to the wood sign, use transfer tape. Lay a piece of tape over the vinyl and use your scraper tool to push it down. Then peel the backing away from the transfer tape. transfer tape on vinyl wood sign
  9. Move the design to the wood sign, using the scraper tool to push the vinyl down, then peel back the transfer tape. Your vinyl will be adhered to the wood sign.
  10. Reuse the transfer tape and repeat this process for the other 2 design elements. layer vinyl wood sign
  11. Once all the vinyl is in place, use the scraper tool to push down the vinyl one more time to ensure a good seal.

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Cutting, layering and creating a vinyl wood sign can be a fun and straight forward process. You might also like this Christmas wood sign using similar techniques.

Be sure to check out Weekend Craft for this SVG and lots more.

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How to make a layered vinyl wood sign

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