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How to Make Candle Labels with Cricut

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Learn how to make custom candle labels with Cricut. This technique will work for your small business and allow you to professionally label your products. It’s also a fun way to create custom candle gifts.

The jars in this post were provided by SKS Packaging, all opinions are my own, view my disclosure policy.

custom candle labels with Cricut

Candle making

I’ve been making candles for myself and as gifts for a while. I find the whole process sort of soothing and the end result is always beautiful and fragrant.

The process is pretty straightforward and easy to do once you have the supplies. It involves melting wax in a double boiler and adding scent. Then pour the wax into a container with a wick to create a candle.

If you are just getting started with candle making, check out this simple video to learn a basic technique.

Candles can be poured into all kinds of containers, including upcycled yogurt jars! I like using what I have at home to create candles, but when you want a uniform look for more than one item it’s best to buy from a supplier.

empty candle jars

SKS packaging has a great selection of candle jars. I tried out some small votives, square jars with metal lids, and glass candle jars with a pressed lid. If you are making candles as a business, this is the place you want to look for supplies.

Check out the SKS store to see all the options and get your own candle jars.

Cricut Print then Cut

Making candle labels with Cricut is an ideal way to add a custom, professional finish to your product. For this project we’ll use a Cricut machine, sticker paper, and the print then cut process to create candle labels.

Jar candle, Cricut machine and sticker paper

Be sure to watch the video in this post for a visual walkthrough on how to make candle labels with Cricut.

Here’s what you will need

  • Cricut machine that is capable of print then cut. This is any current machine except the original Joy. I’m using the Maker 3 for this project. If you don’t have a machine, I’d opt for the Joy Xtra. It’s budget friendly and you can make these labels and so much more with it.
  • Cricut Design Space. This is the free software that powers all Cricut machines. We’ll be designing the labels using this. You can upload your logo or other art to the software too.
  • Sticker paper. I’m using standard white sticker paper here. You could opt for a waterproof or clear material depending on the look you want the candles to have. Cricut has a few varieties that work really well with their software and machines.
  • Printer. Any ink jet printer will work, I use an inexpensive Canon for all my labels and stickers.
custom candle labels with Cricut

How to Make Candle Labels with Cricut

Yield: 1

Learn how to create custom candle labels



  1. Measure the candle jar to determine the size of your label.
  2. Open Cricut Design Space and navigate to a blank canvas.
  3. Make a label shape matching the dimensions of the jar.
  4. Turn the shape white.
  5. Add graphics and text to the label, you can also upload your logo or custom art.
  6. Select everything on the label and change the operation to print then cut.
  7. Select the label again and choose flatten in the bottom right. flatten print then cut design
  8. Click Make, then continue
  9. When prompted, print the design on sticker paper. I choose no bleed and use system dialog box. This allows me to choose my own print setting.
  10. Once printed, place the sheet on a Cricut cutting mat. You can cut off any extra sticker paper you are not using. sticker sheet on mat
  11. In Cricut Design Space, connect your machine and select the appropriate material. I am using Cricut sticker paper in white.
  12. Feed the mat into your machine and let it cut the stickers. It will first scan the black registration marks, then cut around each design. These settings produce kiss cut stickers.
  13. Unload the mat and the labels will peel off nicely.
  14. Stick the label on the candle jar. add label to candle jar


Try different sticker paper options like clear, waterproof or holographic to match your brand.

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Now you know how to make candle labels with Cricut. Save this post for when you are ready to make your own.

Candle labels made with Cricut

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