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How to make Cricut Joy Xtra Stickers

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Learn how to make Cricut Joy Xtra stickers using this new machine and improved sticker paper from Cricut.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cricut, all opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links, disclosure policy.

Make Cricut Joy Xtra stickers

The Cricut Joy Xtra is a brand new machine from Cricut that can cut, draw, write and foil 50+ materials to help you make the most popular projects. Read my full Joy Xtra review for lots more information.

The most anticipated feature on this machine is it’s ability to preform print then cut functions like sticker making! It has a built in sensor that allows the machine to precisely cut around images leaving you with kiss cut stickers.

The sticker function is built into all machines with a print then cut sensor like the Explore and Maker models. The original Cricut Joy does not have this. However, take a look at this workaround if you want to try making stickers with your original Joy.

Cricut sticker paper

With the release of the Cricut Joy Xtra, new and improved materials were also introduced. Some of these can be used with the Maker and Explore machines too.

I’m highlighting the sticker options in this post but there are also new labels, printable iron on, smart materials and markers. These new sticker papers work with ink jet printers and result in high quality, colorful stickers.

  • Printable sticker paper comes in white and gives you traditional stickers with a matte finish. The new paper is thin and flexible making it a great match for your printer and machine.
  • Printable vinyl comes in 4 colors and results in a colorful matte finish. You can apply this like a sticker or use transfer tape for more intricate designs.
  • Printable waterproof sticker sets create full color durable stickers that are waterproof and UV resistant. The packs come in 2 colors and include sticker paper and a protective laminate sheet.

Sticker making supplies

To create Cricut stickers there are a few key tools and materials you will need.

  • Cricut Joy Xtra and fine point blade. This is the blade that comes with the machine.
  • Ink jet printer. I use the Canon Pixma TS6420, this is an affordable printer with high quality ink and great results.
  • Cricut Design Space. The free version is all you need, either on your computer or in the app. If you have a Cricut Access subscription you will be able to access more graphics to use as stickers.
  • Standard or light grip machine mat. I use the light grip mat in this tutorial but either will work.
  • Scraper tool. This is really helpful when applying laminate in the waterproof sticker set. A ruler can also be used here.
new and improved Cricut sticker paper

The first time you use your machine to create stickers you will be prompted to calibrate. This is an essential step, do not skip it. Just follow the prompts, I cover them in the steps below. If you need to recalibrate you can access this by clicking on the hamburger menu in Cricut Design Space and choosing calibration.

Cricut Joy Xtra stickers close up

Cricut Joy Xtra Stickers

Yield: 1

Make stickers using the Cricut Joy Xtra


  • Cricut Joy Xtra
  • Cutting mat
  • Ink jet printer
  • Scraper tool
  • Brayer
  • Cricut Design Space


  1. Open Cricut Design Space and navigate to a blank canvas.
  2. Click on images and search for graphics you want to turn into stickers. Use the filters on the left to narrow by print then cut designs. Add the designs to your canvas. select images in design space
  3. Some designs are ready to be print then cut as a sticker, they already have an offset around the image. For some you need to create an offset.
  4. To create an offset, select the image then click offset from the top menu. Adjust the distance and click apply.
  5. The image and offset will be 2 separate pieces, I like to change the color of my offset to white first, then select both layers and click flatten in the lower right panel.
  6. Fill your canvas with stickers, a standard mat and sticker paper has a printable area of 7" x 9.25".
  7. Make sure your Joy Xtra machine is selected in the top right, then click make it. You stickers will be automatically arranged to fit within the printable area of the paper.
  8. Click continue then send to the printer. If this is your first time using print then cut with your machine you will be prompted to calibrate, follow the steps and do not skip this part! It will help ensure a precise sticker making experience. Cricut calibrate for print then cut
  9. Click calibrate and print the test sheet, add it to a cutting mat and run it through your machine. The machine will cut a series of lines and you will choose which cut is most precise. Now you can move on to printing the stickers.
  10. Deselect 'add bleed' and select 'use system dialog box'. The settings I use for my Canon printer are standard printing, photo paper, and high quality. I feed the sticker paper through the rear feeder.
  11. Print the stickers and let them dry for a few minutes. I have had no issues with smudging on this paper but it's always a good idea to let it dry just in case.
  12. Place the sticker sheet onto a cutting mat and use a brayer to press it into place, do not use your hands, this can spread oils onto your images. Cricut sticker paper on a cutting mat
  13. Apply the laminate. This is the top covering that comes in the sticker pack and makes your stickers waterproof. Tear off the top strip on the back and line it up with the top of the sticker sheet. Use the scraper tool to push it into place as you remove the backing. Use the brayer to ensure there are no bubbles. Vinyl laminate cover for sticker paper
  14. In Cricut Design Space choose the correct material, this is printable waterproof sitcker paper, then load the mat into the machine. The Joy Xtra has no buttons so it is controlled completely through the software.
  15. Unload the mat when the cut is complete.
  16. These stickers will be kiss cut, you will be able to pull stickers off the page instead of each one being cut individually. Cricut kiss cut sticker


    Make this sticker sheet using my Deisgn Space project

    You can design and upload your own graphics to Cricut Deisgn Space and follow these steps to turn them into stickers.

    A subscription to Cricut Access opens up thousands of designs you can use to create stickers and other projects.

    Did you make this project?

    Share yours and tag @creativeramblings

    These are waterproof stickers and work great on water bottles and laptops. If you are using these on a washable item be sure to handwash and avoid the dishwasher.

    Cricut Joy Xtra stickers how to

    This post covered how to make Cricut Joy Xtra stickers, from start to finish. These new and improved sticker sets work with Explore and Maker machines too and the steps are the same for creating stickers. Garb a pack of sticker paper and try making your own.

    Thanks for visiting!


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    Thursday 19th of October 2023

    Hello there. Thanks for this. How would I make the stickers die cut? Is there a special setting I can change? Thanks Michelle


    Thursday 19th of October 2023

    You would need to create your own material with more pressure in the settings. This short video walks you through how to create a new material for die cut stickers

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