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How to Make Waterproof Cricut Print Then Cut Stickers

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This tutorial for Cricut print then cut stickers will walk you through the simple process and provide tips and tricks for getting vibrant perfectly cut stickers every time.

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Flower sticker

Your Cricut machine has so many capabilities. If you are just getting started, or want a refresher on where to begin with your machine check out this unboxing and first project video.

A Cricut Maker can cut over 300 materials giving you endless possibilities to create. One of those materials is pre-printed sticker sheets. You have the ability to design stickers, print them, and use Cricut to cut them out. Custom Cricut stickers are wildly popular right now and easier to make then you might think.

I’m going to walk you through the whole process. Where to find sticker designs, how to print them (I have a budget printer that I love and highly recommend) and how to cut them out using your machine. We’ll also talk about sticker paper and other key materials you will need for this project.

Materials needed for print then cut stickers

There are a few key materials you will need for sticker making. Fortunately, once you have the tools you can use them over and over to make lots of stickers.

Sticker paper. This is probably the most important. You want a full sheet of printable paper that will work with an inkjet printer, this is what most of us have at home. You want the color to be vibrant and not smudge, you’ll also have to decide between regular matte stickers or glossy waterproof options.

Neato labels has lots of options. I love the printable vinyl waterproof sticker paper. These are full sheets of really durable glossy paper that makes perfect stickers. Vinyl labels are a prefect materials for DIY stickers.

Neato labels waterproof printable vinyl sticker paper

Printer A home printer is not the necessity it once was. I rarely have documents or paperwork to print, but I use a printer for crafting quite often.

This Canon PIXMA TS6420 is the perfect fit for a crafter. It’s budget-friendly, has a low ink replacement cost, and prints color beautifully. It has a regular paper tray plus a rear feed for materials like sticker paper. The sleek white design and wifi printing make it a perfect fit for my craft room.

Canon PIXMA TS6420a

If you are looking for a crafting printer, and don’t have a need to print 12×12 paper then this is the way to go. It also prints nice black and white documents in a pinch.

Sticker designs With Cricut Design Space you can create your own sticker designs using their images, or you could design your own using Illustrator or a similar program. You can also purchase pre-made sticker designs as digital downloads.

Personally, I like to buy sticker designs in bundles and save myself some time. I am not a professional designer and I know I can get beautiful items from artists for just a few dollars.

All Stickers SAMPLE

Check out The Hungry JPEG for thousands of designs including sticker bundles like these retro groovy flowers.

Cricut The Explore and Maker machines work with the print then cut option. For this project, I am using the Maker 3, the most versatile and powerful option. If you plan to do a lot of crafting, opt for the Maker 3 and you won’t be disappointed.

The Cricut Joy doesn’t have the ability to do print then cut, but there is a workaround. If you have this machine, take a look at how to make Cricut Joy stickers.

Cricut and Creative Ramblings
How to make waterproof stickers with Cricut

How to Make Print Then Cut Stickers with Cricut

Yield: 15 stickers
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to make stickers with Cricut


Create sticker design

  1. Download this sticker bundle and upload it into Cricut Design Space.
  2. Size the collection of stickers to fit on a single sheet of paper

Cricut and Printer settings

  1. Click Make It in Design Space.
  2. Ensure your design is set to Print then Cut.
  3. Send design to the printer.
  4. For Neato Labels printable vinyl waterproof sticker paper and Canon printer use the following settings:
  • Photo Printing
  • Deselect borderless printing (you do not want this)
  • Media type: Inkjet Hagaki or glossy cardstock
  • Paper size: 8.5 x 11
  • Print quality: high
  • Paper source: rear tray

Cut Stickers

  1. Let printed stickers dry for a few minutes to ensure the ink won't smudge.
  2. Place the sticker sheet onto a cutting mat.
  3. Select Printable sticker paper or printable vinyl - both options work for this paper.
  4. Load the mat into your Cricut and begin cutting. The machine will recognize the black box and cut around each sticker then cut all the way through the paper leaving you individual stickers. cutting stickers with a Cricut
  5. Peel stickers off the mat.


Neato Labels printing tips help page is a great resource for any issues that come up.

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That is how to make stickers with Cricut. These waterproof stickers are durable and can be used on all kinds of items. Water bottles, phone cases, and notebooks are just a few ways we are using these groovy flower designs.

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How to make waterproof Cricut stickers

If you have more questions about Cricut print then cut, drop them in the comments.

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