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How to Organize Cricut Supplies

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Learn how to organize Cricut supplies in your craft room. These tips will help keep your supplies in good condition and make them easy to find when you are ready to craft.

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If you are new to Cricut, check out this video series that will help you start creating right away. There are videos on simple projects as well and informative videos that help you better understand your machine.

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If you are a big Cricut fan like I am, you have probably accumulated a lot of materials and accessories. As my craft stash grows I need to find ways to organize Cricut supplies.

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Why organize your craft supplies?

This may seem like a simple and straightforward answer, but let’s dive in. Sometimes it’s easier to just leave things as they are and walk away after a craft project. I’ve been there many times.

But keeping supplies organized has so many benefits.

  • Save money! Keeping craft supplies organized allows you to see what you have and easily find what you need. You avoid buying duplicates because you can’t locate that roll of vinyl you swore you bought.
  • Well-cared for supplies. Storing material, accessories and even machines properly keep them in working order and in good condition. A wrinkled roll of vinyl shoved in a drawer will not lay flat on a mat and won’t look good on your final project.
  • Freedom to create. When you have space to work and your craft area is organized, you mind tends to be calmer. For me this means I can focus on my project and now how messy my craft room is.

Here are my favorite ways to organize Cricut supplies

Take a tour of my craft room and see how I organize vinyl and scraps. You’ll notice that my craft room is not picture perfect, but it’s organized in a way that works for me. I encourage you to use the tools you have to organize in a way that works for you.

Cricut vinyl in a drawer

In almost every Cricut video I make I remind viewers to save their scraps! Vinyl is expensive, so why waste it. Save those pieces and keep them close to use on smaller projects.

I have 2 drawers dedicated to scraps of vinyl and iron on. I trim the extra vinyl down to a usable piece then toss it in the drawer. When I’m working on a smaller project I go to these drawers first before pulling vinyl off of a roll.

Organize rolls of Cricut vinyl on a wall

For rolls of vinyl, you can keep them lined up in a shallow drawer. Or you can use an Ikea bag holder to store the rolls vertically. This has a couple benefits. You get to see all the colors available, and it frees up table and drawer space in your craft room.

Hang Cricut mats on a peg board

Keep your Cricut mats flat and free of lint by hanging them vertically as well. Most drawers are not big enough to accommodate a mat this size, so hanging just makes sense. I use my pegboard wall to store these.

Cricut machine tool organizer

The machine tool organizer keeps all your blades housing and tips organized in a way that protects them and is easy to see.

In addition to blades, I have all kinds of Cricut tools and pens. This 3D printed organizer from ANP3DCreations on Etsy is the perfect way to store all those tools. Again, you could put these in a drawer. But when they are out in the open you can easily see what you have and grab the right tool for your project.

These are just a few tips for organizing Cricut supplies. Keeping your materials, machines and tools organized will help you create more.

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How to organize Cricut supplies

Do you have a Cricut organizing tip I didn’t mention here? Comment below and share it with us.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.