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How to Screen Print on Pillows

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This post is sponsored by Speedball Art, all opinions are my own.

Let’s learn how to screen print! I’m showing you how to create custom, unique throw pillows using Speedball Speed Screens. 

For this project, start with a Speedball Speed Screen kit and opaque fabric ink in silver and white.

You will also need some blank throw pillow covers that easily slip over your existing pillows. 

Speedball speed screens are an easy-to-use, affordable way to screen print at home no matter what your experience level. 

I’m creating a stencil that is completely unique and reusable. Start on a computer in Word or 

any design program you have. I created a few sets of snowflakes and words in sharp black and white. For this project, the image cannot have any gray areas. 

I’m printing this onto the included transparency using my home inkjet printer. Make sure to load the printer so the ink is on the dark side of the transparency. 

Now it’s time to create the speed screen. 

I’m setting this up in a light safe environment, a place with no sunlight, to protect the materials. I’m using a flat surface in my laundry room.

The screens come in a bag, don’t take them out until you are ready for this step. Pull the white carrier sheet off the screen and place it red shiny side up on top of the black paper. Save that white carrier sheet for the next step. Then lay the printed transparency on top, ink side up. 

Finally cover with the included plastic sheet. 

Now it’s time to use the included light and expose the image. The light should be 14 inches above the image. You can hold it, or create a setup as I did. The cabinets in my laundry room happen to be 14 inches so this works for me. 

Turn off the light, remove the plastic and transparency and take the speed screen over to a sink with a spray nozzle. 

I have placed a cutting board in the sink to help keep the screen flat and vertical. Spray warm water onto the exposed side of the screen, the shiny red side. Spray for about 3 minutes until you can completely see through your design. Don’t rub or use your fingers, it will dissolve on its own. 

When the screen is done, lay it onto a paper towel and gently pat dry. Then set the screen back on the white carrier sheet and let it dry completely. I will check back in about 30 minutes. 

Once dry, the screen needs to be exposed 1 more time to help harden it. Place it back under your light set up for 1 minute to do this. 

Now it’s time to print!

I created a few screens with different snowflakes and words. I am going to use a combination of these along with white and silver opaque ink to create winter throw pillows. 

Place a piece of cardboard inside the pillow cover to prevent ink from soaking through. 

I am showing you how to use the included frame with a speed screen, however, you can just tape the screen to the pillow cover.  

Place the screen on the fabric and scoop out a few tablespoons of ink and place it above the image. Use a squeegee to pull the ink down and over the stencil, you may want to pull twice. 

Then pull up the screen to reveal the image. 

Repeat this process on the rest of the pillow with a single color. Once that color has dried, I am going to use the other screens to add different images and colors. 

These screens are washable and reusable! Just take the screen back to your sink and rinse off the ink, pat dry, and lay it on the white carrier sheet to dry completely. Then store for next time. 

Be sure to heat set these pillow covers once the ink is dry with an iron. 

Speed screens are an easy way to create one-of-a-kind stencils that are reusable. No special machines are needed, this is a great project for any skill level.

Pick up a speed screen kit from Speedball and create your own unique home decor. Try these stencils on pillows, curtains, fabric totes, and more. 

How to screen print on pillows

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