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How to Seal a Wood Sign + do you really need to?

How to Seal a Wood Sign + do you really need to?

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I talk a lot about wood signs around here, in fact my most popular posts and videos revolve around them!  Today I’m answering the most asked question I get related to wood signs; how do you seal a wood sign?  The answer depends on a number of factors so I made a video that lays out a few different scenarios and how you should go about sealing your painted wood sign.

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When I first started making and stenciling wood signs I never thought to seal them. I figured if I used the right stain and paint, and they hung on my wall inside there was no need to stain a wood sign.  But after making videos and writing posts about these signs everyone wanted to know to seal them.  So I did some research, and tested products and came to my own concrete decision. 

Ready for it.

I do not recommend sealing decorative painted wood signs that you display indoors. There is just no need.  A sealer is made to protect the wood and your art, but a good stain and paint will hold up for many many years indoors without any sealing. 

So, when do you seal a wood sign?  

I recommend sealing signs that will be kept outdoors, or exposed to the elements on a regular basis.  Sun, wind, rain and snow will wear down your art and deteriorate the sign.  

Now that you know when to seal a sign, let’s talk about how to do it. Be sure to watch the video for all the details, you can find my tips below as well. 

3 ways to seal a wood sign

These are the 3 products I reach for when I need to seal a wood sign.  

For all of these products, make sure the stain and paint are completely dry.  Wipe any dust with a soft cloth and apply the sealer with a good quality brush.  Let it dry completely before adding a second coat if you choose. The products come in a variety of finishes from matte to high gloss, each will give your sign a different look.  

Polyurethane This oil based sealer is great to use over an oil based stain.  It does have a tendency to yellow the paint a bit which makes it ideal for warm colors and rustic looking signs. 

Polycrylic This water based sealer works best over water based stain and any kind of paint.  I like the satin finish and use this on most of my painted outdoor pieces. 

Spray Sealer This product comes in a variety of finishes and you can find it water or oil based.  I like to use this type for large outdoor products that are hard to cover with a brush. 

Creating wood signs is one of my favorite ways to craft.  If you create a sign that will be outdoors be sure to seal it using one of these methods.  

How to seal wood signs

Want more tips for making wood signs?  Check out this playlist for lots more expert tips. 

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